Yes..i Am...

I have become veyr empathetic ..especialy in the last ...5 yrs...wasnt always..just emotionally closed many rys of cupport groups..and hearing peoples life stories..and have true empathy fro ppl with all sorts of problems...ometimes i ahve to say..I DO get a lil frustrated ..when i feel like ppl r not empathetic BACK.Im learning to surround myself w/ truly suportive..non-judgemental ppl.who are there for ME...i do karate..that helps tremnedously..get rid of the "victim" attitude..teaches you to NEVER give up...
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Being empathetic is a gift. To truly be able to feel how another person is feeling is not something that everyone can do. To expect other people to be empathetic back towards you is not a fair judgment to place on others. <br />
Love, on the other hand, can be felt by all. When we share our love, no matter how small, the recipient can either accept it or not - leaving us without a reciprocation of that love. It's when that person embraces our love that we feel acceptance. We don't even need for that person to love us back the way we love them. It's enough to know, they have accepted us.