Can Someone Help Me? goes. I'm here because I believe I may be an empath. And I need some help on how to deal with it. It started when I was a little girl. My parents divorce affected me very deeply. I could literally feel their pain. It was utterly traumatic, and at 8years old it was more than I could bear. I have carried it with me mt whole life. I soak up the feelings of other people until I feel I'm drowning, although I never realised that that's what it was...other people's feelings. At times I have thought I was going mad. One minute I would behappily going about my daily life, then all of a sudden, and for no reason at all I would be terribly sad and low. I seriously thought I was bi-polar, because my moods would swing so wildly. But I realised that it couldn't be that, because my mood would change so many tiimes a day. For periods of time I can be fine and then...boom
It will happen again. I've learnt not to trust my feelings, because I could never be sure what feelings were mine. Consequently over the years I have had countless bad relationships, because when my instincts are telling me something is wrong, I ignore them and put it all down to me 'being weird'. I just want to feel like 'me'. Feel MY feelings. If I AM empathic then I want it to stop.
I just want to know whether I'm crazy! I've been fine for weeks, then went to view a new house yesterday and having chatted to the (5) potential new housemates I left feeling utterly freaked out and weird but for no reason. Now my emotions are all over the place again and I can't take it. Please help me to control this.
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Hi Pixie. Well it's a bit topic. If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ...if you were abused or traumatised when you were very young, there is a theory that this will bring into play, another 'sense' which tells you what state people are in because this can literally help you to survive in such circumstances. You cannot turn it off. This is a life thing for you. It is actually a gift. This is big subject and issue because it will affect your whole life. Don't freak out. It's a matter of learning how to drive the 'you' that you are. Drive as in 'handle'. You may be called to be a healer or prophet etc. I wrote a lot more but the app freaked out and I lost it. Will write more if you are interested.

parents divorcing should be prosecuted for cruelty to child and child abuse

You are deary. I am as well. I would suggest getting a citrine. Many empaths use them because they are known (as a mineral) to kind of "soak up" bad "energies".. for lack of a better phrase. <br />
There really is no way to make it stop. Attempting to will likely only make you sick (trust me :/). <br />
You are not crazy. You are just HS (highly sensitive). It is scientifically proven that we exist as well. <br />
I would also suggest meditating. It will help you become more intune to your own feelings and emotions and help you to identify which is your or someone else's in those moments. <br />
Its a difficult thing, I hate to say. But I can also tell you that I have had it alll my life and though they has been times I wanted it to stop, when I learned to trust in myself and sort things, I've found it to be one of the most helpful tools in my life. <br />
Godspeed, friend.

Yes. You are empathic. I can feel yoir emotional depth within this sfreen. I want to say to you that it is a very begrudging thing to have but it is also a very versatile defense mechanism. It helps you understand things more clearly than most people. What I've learned from being an empath is to not take things personally. When you feel animosity coming from someone be sure to elaborate your own feelings to actually find out whether or not its the person who has something against you. Its definitely a gift yet a curse..but it can be.very rewarding when we trust our first instinct without questioning it. I definitely know what a birden it is..let me go into a deeo analysis about my understanding...sometimes I get so emotional..I feel peoples energy so intensely and I don't know how to control it I get very confused then I understand that EVERYONE has their insecurities and facades. Empaths know the true person behind everything. I've learned that meditating whilst in the presence of someone whose bothering you really helps. Also talking it out with them. Were usually really compassionate people who deeply understand the needs and thoughts of.other people. God bless you and may your soul mind and heart be at peace. Amen.

Yes...You are an empath. IT is a very difficult thing (i'm just learning about it myself...) but I think that ther are people here that can help us both. Start using your instincts more. You are NOT crazy. You feel the people around you and take on their emotions without realizing it. Learn some meditation and shielding techniques. Realize that you are connected to the emotional (VERY emotional) people around you and that you may be taking on their pain (and happiness sometimes....ever walk by someone who was in a good mood and made you feel that way too? I'll bet thjat you have.) There are ways to control it, I'm sure. Might take some work. It's probably going to be a blessing AND a curse. But it's a gift. Learn to use it!!! :)