I Could Really Use Some Help

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Any input is truly appreciated.
I can feel other people's energy. Pretty much everyone's actually. There are very few people that I have come into contact throughout my life (I'm in my 40's) that I felt nothing at all when touching or standing close to them. For the most part the energy I feel is irritating. I can usually tolerate it for a minute or two and then I have to move or find a polite way to wiggle away if someone has their arm around me. I would say maybe 1 in 10 people that I come across have neutral energy - not good - not bad - doesn'tt bother me but pretty much everyone else's energy tends to make me nervous or irritable. As if it's not compatable with my energy. Maybe the problem is my energy and not theirs? I have no idea. There is 1 person - only 1 - who's energy os soothing to me.If there is someone around me who's energy is irritating, he can shield me from it by just standing next to me. His energy feels amazing. I have to almost sit on my hands to stop myself from trying to touch him. A hug from him practically makes me melt. I know this sounds like a 13 yr old girl's crush. It's not like that. I'm not talking about love feelings (although I have always been crazy about him) I am truly talking about how great his energy feels. I say energy, for lack of a better word. It's the vibe everyone sends out.. If I spend a decent amount of time with him or get to have my hands on him for a while (massage - etc) I can actually take his energy with me temporarily. I feel like there's an area in my left upper abdominal area that fills up with his energy. If I don't see him again it starts to fade and is usually totally gone in 1 1/2 or 2 days. The feeling of him fading is almost heartbreaking.I have known him since I was a child and it has always been this way. I can also read his feelings or state of mind if I touch his abdomen / torso. This isn't something I can do with many people. I can read my sister occassionally , but she has episodes of delusions and often what I read from her makes no sense to me at all. I used to be able to read my grandmother (my dad's mom). I believe she is who passed this on to me. She spoke to me about it when I was very young - maybe 5? She gave me very little information to go on. When she asked if I could read her, and I told her what I "saw" she became very mad and I have not been able to read her since then. She also refused to speak to me about, or help me with all of this. She told me that I would meet someone who I would be able to read strongly and who would always make me feel good. She told me to always stay by their side when I meet them. When our lives were going in different directions for a time in our teenage years, I tried to talk to my grandmother about the fact that I couldnt stay by his side, and how terrible it feels when he fades from me. She was shocked it was a boy and told me to just let him walk away. I I can read my children without having to be near them. Their energy is peaceful and calming to me - very very different fromthe energy I spoke about earlier. I can pass information to my mom. She doesn't even realize when I do it. She just knows the information and thinks we spoke about it. Other than that, there is no one else I can read. This man is the only person outside of my family that I can do this with and it makes no sense to me.I can , however get an occassional 1 time read on people. I describe it as if they are yelling inside. I can see my son's teacher everyday, touch her, occassionally hug her, and get nothing other than the feel of her energy.One day when I touched her I read that she just got divorce papers in the mail. I have never been able to read her again, even if I try. This type of one time thing happens rarely - 1 time a month maybe. Someone in the grocery store can brush against me and I know she just got engaged. If I walk by her 5 minutes later - I get nothing.
So here's the deal. This man, my friend since childhood is having a hard time with a break up. I finally told him that I could read him and he didn;t freak out. When I have his energy with me, I can read him in my crystal even if I am not with him (my crystal is how I read myself). We decided to use this so I could help him, call him when I knew he was sad, etc Since it's only that way when I have his energy, and his energy only stays with me for 2 days tops, it was temporary because I live several hours away from him. The day he faded, was a terrible day for him. I lit a bunch of candles and basically begged to get him back in my crystal. It worked but much stronger than I expected. Not only could I feel his feelings but I could feel his physical feelings as well. When I first felt him come back I had that amazing feeling of his energy, then I felt how terribly sad he was and it made me vomit.I was laughing with a friend and out of the blue felt so sad tears were running down my face. When I called him he was terribly sad. I would get a cold wet feeling when he jumped in the shower. My legs and arms were sore when he went to the gym, and I was very out of breath, sweating, and my heart was going nuts when he would do an intense work out - not good since I have heart trouble. Then he had a date planned and it occured to me that he might have sex. I really didn't want to feel that. I got scared and stopped reinforcing my crystal and he faded but never completely left - although I could not read him, I still felt him a little. He is asking me to put him back in my crystal so I can help him. He said the candle rituals I was doing for him worked much better when we were connected in that way. The thing is, I've done everything the same - although I am not as desperate as I was at the time, but I cannot get him back strong enough to read him. I feel his energy strongly, as if I just saw him but I can't get to the point where I can read him again.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anyone have any input or comments aabout what I have stated ? I truly do not feel as though I know enough about what I can do and why. I just do not have anyone to ask. Also, why him? Why is he the only person I can read on a regular basis that is not a family member? When I was younger, I thought it meant we were going to be together, but that's not the case. Do I have this gift so that I can help him or is he actually meant to be the one helping me since he can shield so much negative energy and basically makes me feel great just by standing next to me -- Really - does anyone have a comment?

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This is not something I know much about but maybe it's because you're soul mates? Or perhaps your energy signatures match up greatly.

I'm lucky that I can read practically everyone, but mostly just their personality, though lately it's expanding, still understanding all of that though hehehe...

Anyways, just try to not be afraid of the connection between you two and just enjoy it, just make sure not to connect too much, who knows what might happen.