Realizing I May Be An Empath.

I was known to be shy when I was a little girl. I am definitely not shy anymore. I recently discovered I have been dealing with anxiety for the past three years after an intense break up from a two year relationship and my heart got damaged. For starters, I LOVE Jesus. scripture relates empathic abilities to discernment as a spiritual gift. I just thought that I have been over-sensitive but recently, I just had a discussion with my boyfriend about me being oversensitive and how he feels like I have been emotionally draining him. This makes me very sad. Sometimes, I feel the need to make things bad if they are going great. Or, I can be sitting in my room and suddenly feel fear, like I am never going to be okay. I do not feel depressed but this fear can make me feel hopeless. I turn to Jesus and I know that he has called me to let go of this fear. Knowing that I could be labeled something like an "empath" scares me because I just want to feel normal, not that you aren't normal if you are. I have ALWAYS been known to give good advice and people always refer to be as a great listener and advice giver. I never actually thought about picking up other energies. I find that to be very interesting because I have deja vu A LOT. I can relate to others. When others are unhappy, especially with me, I break. I cannot handle someone being upset at me. I am a people pleaser by far. I can see the positive attributes that come along with being an empath, but it seems to be hurting my relationships and my own thought process. I love reading advice on how to change your mind set. It is nice to hear that there is help, and you have more control than you think. You are not stuck. See, here I am going off as if I am giving someone else advice. I can make it sound great and lovely, but I deal with the after-burn. Help? Thanks!
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Google Empath, it will give you a lot of good information, about the quality and the ways in which you can have some control over it, so that it becomes a blessing instead of a curse, and you can use it to help others rather than make your life miserable, but before you take on that label, find a good therapist and have a long talk with them about the traits of an Empath, as opposed to an emotional problem,

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