Always Scared

I never understood why I always felt what others felt or how i could understand what someone may have gone through and feeling. It has always made me feel uneasy and scared as no else has been able to identify with me. I've actually became a person of few words over the years. I've become scared to talk to or write to people, fearing that I will hurt their feelings. It's terrifying and it exhausts me everyday especially when I have to be with a group of people.
I really don't like this feeling, and I just don't know what to do.
I am relieved though, that I found this group. It helps me just thinking that there is a lot of people who have similar experiences.
Blueskydust Blueskydust
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

It's ok, it's normal to feel like that. Everything you described.

Also, You being to yourself/ alone is normal. maybe it's even good because you have less emotions to deal with.

Like a few others said "it's a blessing and curse". Maybe reading about empathy will help you feel a little less uneasy about it. might even find something to help you.

It can be a blessing with time. You might be able to help people or heal them.
Just talking to someone is therapeutic.

Being able to be in touch with someones feelings and for you to understand shows you are a caring person. In a way, you could be an angel's helper :)

I'm new to this group and I just want to welcome you.