I can't remember a time when I couldn't feel emotions of others around me. It wasn't a drastic thing, and for a long while I wrote it off as being able to read body language (which I'm sure is a part of it, but doesn't explain why I have an empathetic rather than a sympathetic connection with beings). Eventually I figured out that I could mildly manipulate emotions as well.

At this point I can block most of its use. Without purposefully using it I can still feel what others feel, but don't necessarily take on that emotion myself and don't cause others to feel anything different.

I don't like forcing if it isn't necessary. Most of the time I simply use the skill to know when to give people space, or to know when someone needs cheering up. Often I'll also project a bit of calmness, which helps others (especially other empaths) relax and keeps tensions from getting too high.

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everyone can influence most people to feel one way or anouther