Recently I've gotten a lot of answers I've been looking for in my life, all by realizing I'm an empath. I know things without knowing them, I'm highly sensitive to others emotions. I also get premonitions every so often. I now understand why I'm not a fan of big crowds and why I get overwhelmed and drained. It's really hard to just explain to my friends the reason I don't want to stay at there gathering is because I'm an empath and it's too much, so I just come up with an excuse. I've used stones and crystals even before I realized my gift. They help me ground and shield myself, but I'm still learning to deal with this gift. Sometimes it's overwhelming because I don't know anyone who has to deal with this, it's disconnected me from my friends and boyfriend. I love my gift, and want to learn how to use it & strengthen my self spiritually. I'm looking for books that could help me, and crystals and stones that have been helpful for other empaths. I want to meet other empaths, its so lonely when you don't have someone to talk to.
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Had this all my life - never told anyone, didn't think anyone would listen, might even think I was nuts. What I realized was that as much as i picked up there stuff I would sometimes mirror it back at them, stirring the pot so to speak feeding their fire and more of my own. Dangerous game this 'cause there's nothing more dangerous than a pissed off psychic Empath and nothing more pitiful as one buried in another persons misery. I can tell you that if you study Shamanic experiences - not the BS that floats around the net, the real thing like Tom Brown talking about his Apache Grandfather, or Fools Crow or Michael Harner you will get a glimpse into your ultimate power and the strength of you soul. Be brave - everything you learn comes with a test to see if you learned it well. Nothing can hurt you unless you get caught up in the drama. Always ask this question FIRST... Who's is this? And wait for the answer. What you sense will be the truth. If it's not yours then you can go through the day and find out who's it is and where it came from. I don't think you're much of a physical empath and that's a good thing. Tough when you wake up being other people. Take care and be ware

Until a few years ago i didn't even know what being an empath meant. I had the drained feeling you describe, and my emotions were a roller coaster around people who are manipulative, or "shady", especially. They would be displaying one thing but I felt another from them. Confusing!! I started doing the grounding techniques but what works best for me is to keep hold on my own emotions. If I don't have a valid reason for feeling a certain emotion, I look around and can usually pinpoint the person who's emotions I'm picking up on, and then consciously let it go. For example, at work. I'm so new to this and it's not exactly something that can be discussed with just anyone. It's frustrating, but if you have confidence in your own emotions it's easier to handle. I'm wanting to talk with others about this subject as well! :)

I just recently (within the past 2 years) figured out I'm an empath, so I feel your pain!! It hard to block or clear out other people's emotions and it's hard to know what is you and what is them. I still struggle with this, too. Just know you're not alone! There are others out there just like you and me!!

Hi Rebellove. For a long time, I didn't know this had a name, but I experience exactly what you describe above. I really don't like it because it is extremely draining, especially when you don't know what it is (lol, lol).

Hey, um I'm not an empath, sorry, but I wouldn't mind talking to you about it, I'm kinda interested in these types of things, no offense, so if you're interested, msg me and we can chat? : )