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s ince I was a little kid I could easily tell when someone's not okay. it began with my family and people I really care about. as I grew up I started noticing that I started to understand people the way they are not the way i think they are. I didn't even have to talk to them to know who they are or how they think. I just know if they're nice or mean. it just came to me I never asked for it. even sometimes when I met people I felt like I knew what will happen later on between us as if we gonna be friends, foes , I just had it like a flash and the thing is it always works. even the woman I love I knew I loved her before I met her the rest took time but I was sure we gonna get there anyway. even dreams most of the times are about things that happen later on with me. not something very special. I really didn't know that what I felt had a name or that there was someone else who is like me. until today that is. I was chatting with a friend and she said I'm not okay today I told her I was fine although I was feeling like **** but then as we went on I found myself tellin her how I really felt. she said I knew it I said it happens to me too to know how people feel. then she said u're emphy just like me and we talked about it and she helped me get her and here I am.
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Thank you dear I'll make sure to drop by :) have delightful day ...

hi guys im an empath have been for 20 years now..<br />
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come to my site and join its all free...no catches lol<br />
just register in the forums...<br />
i do empathy class on wednesdays in there among a million other things...<br />

well u know more than I do... usually just ask how they're doing and in a way lead them into telling me what I already know so that I can legally help them... I rarely tell anyone about my empathy coz i know it will freak them out ... I'll send u a copy of a chat I had few days ago just to show you how stuff work with me ... :P :)

the trick is to keep a close eye on them and try to help them without their knowledge. sometimes you can surprise them by telling them exactly how they feel, and they'll trust you instantly ! but you have to be sure they will. others will just freak out and block you away. EYE CONTACT ! it's very important !

well I always thought I just can see thru people and it scares me so far coz I know I can touch them as deep as I can see. and I worry I would hurt them instead of helping them. I still don't know exactly what to do about it if u know what I mean.

Oh, yeah. Me, too. It's bizarre, isn't it? Scary, at times. But when you are, you are, and when you know it, it can help others.