Being Empathetic Is Awful Most...

Being empathetic is awful most of the time. I feel what other people feel too much. I cannot deal with hospitals, they make me insane because I am around so much suffering.
I guess that is why my job gets to me so much too though. I am around suffering all the time. My kids do not have happy lives for the most part, especially since they are teenagers and everything is the end of the world to them. It really gets to me, and most of the time I feel like I want to cry. It is very hard to smile some days.
At the same time, I am glad I can help people because I am empathetic. My kids come to me all the time with their problems, needing advice, or just needing to vent. I am glad I can make them feel better but listening and by understanding.
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I am empathic and I pray st. raphael prayer, its beautiful because st. raphael is used to go in the right direction, and i still feel energies but i feel like i am doing the right thing with that prayer and that helps alot. And we just need to practice being strong and know that we are gods little angels. love pippi

Being empathetic is both a blessing and a curse as I too feel the same. Strangely enough, I have learnt to control this when needed as I am a nurse so try not to be controlled by my work situation.

If you want to shut off your empathic powers temporarily at will, try seeing your empathy as an orb of energy, imagine a barrier around it with a door of some kind, then picture the door opening and closing as a way of shutting it on and off, it worked at the beginning for my powers, now I just do it without thinking about it.

I am to empathic, I work in Geriatrics and feel like I can't find a safe place where I am free of the onslaught coming at me. I am trying new skills to slow down the all the feelings coming at me. I am thankful for these abilities at times as I can usually read a persons character in the first few seconds of our meeting. Ive known I had boundary issues in realtionships for years but never put it all together. I am hopeful the more I learn the better I will get at managing these things.

I am Empathic as well and sadness can be overwhelming for sure. Many times during readings I cry, I get horrible anxiety from different energies, fears and depression. Public places are terrible because it is like an attack, feels like every person is a dagger and it just ****** me off. I would rather be out in nature far from people, or at home in my peaceful place.<br />
<br />
I have learned to ground myself, to visualize white light around me to protect me, I pray constantly that nothing "sticks" to me. I have to remember where I am and that what I am feeling is not mine. I learned to separate from what is not mine. It is always a blessing, being Empathic, psychic, etc. is not a gimmic or for fun. It is a way to help others, it is a way to live life in service to humanity. I have helped many people and feel so blessed and thankful.

I am so glad I found this sight, <br />
i always knew as a chld, their was some thing different about me. I could always feel peoples pain, always put up with men, always in bad relationships. Im in one now , I pray for the strengh to get away from him. Im the only one who really knows him, know him better then he knows himself. I feel like he drains me of energy. Iv'e had a hard life, my son passed away from a freak accident. on mothers day 2007. Lord knows, I know what human suffering is. I feel like a gaint battery taking it all in, please help me... Iv'e got to get a handle on this now. Iv'e only had a computer for about 4 months now, I'm reading every thing I can on empathic energy now . oh it all makes so much since now. this is what i am.

I understand. My boyfriend doesn't get me at all. He thinks I'm snooping or lying when I tell him I can feel his energy shift. He was hurt before but hasn't shared this with me and I don't think he believes me when I tell him I know him better than he knows himself. How do you share your visions with someone who is so angry and closed up? I can feel him turn 'dark' or gray. I used to be able to take his pain and for a while I believe he was happy but now I'm breaking down physically, mentally and emotionally and he doesn't get its because of the past pain he hasn't dealt with that is making me weak. I pick up everyone's issues now. I can't sleep. I looked like I've aged 5 years in a year. My dreams are hard that once I'm awake, it still seems like I'm dreaming and I get confused. I used to meditate but even that has lost its effect. I am with him and I love him deeply, we are our Devine halves but I don't know if I have the strength to keep taking his darkness and not finding a way to get it out of me.

I too am an empath. Pain is not the only feeling we is one of many. Embrace your gift and know the meaning of the energy. You as I are a healer use your gift wisely. Have faith and you will be guided.

I'm glad you found the strength to do so

it is so hard to establish those boundaries and protect ourselves from people we care about, but it is something that has to be done

Wow. I am just recently getting into this entire e-mail, electronic sharing; so many people have described my experiences as they are relating their own. In regards to your comments...<br />
An old/young friend of mine has had medical problems that have resulted in near total disability. Although we dated briefly a few years ago, we haven't been intimate in years. Anyway, to get my attention, he tries to lay major guilt trips on me. He never actually uses the word 'suicide', but he is one unhappy individual. <br />
He tells me that the only thing that would make his life worth while is to resume a romantic relationship with me. He has told me many times that we should marry so that I will receive his life insurance (he is always on the brink of death). He wants to move in with me. Then, in the same conversation, he blames me for ALL of his problems.<br />
I would then feel so bad for him and helpless about the whole thing. <br />
And just recently, I established boundaries and put a stop to the verbal abuse and emotional manipulation. I still hear from him (e-mail and phone) but I will not spend time with him - it would leave me feeling completely drained, depressed, desperate ... And if/when he tries to pull the manipulation on the phone, I cut the converstation short and tell him why.

I went through that with one for a very very long time. He would call, and I would be happy to hear from him simply because it meant he was still alive -I really did love him, I just wasn't in love with him. But he would cry, and tell me he needed me and missed me and loved me, how he couldn't live without me. He would end up threatening himself, in not so many words most of the time, and I always felt like I needed to be there for him, because I did understand how he felt and what he was going through. Unfortunately, it was killing me too. This time I haven't heard from him in nearly a year, which is unusual. I'm still expecting a phone call, probably at 3 am, which is his usual hour, right after he knows I usually fall asleep. Great, huh?

I'm totally with you on this. It's great in a way to be able to help ppl with their problems because you can relate to them so well. My sister and friends always come to me with their secrets and problems. However this quality can also be quite damaging. For example I often find myself in a relationship just because I feel so strongly the need of that person to be with me, not necessarily because I benefit from that relationship. People in the past have used that against me. There was an ex-boyfriend who would get desperate when I tried to leave him for e.g., because he knew that it would stop me.