What we do speaks so much more loudly than what we say..YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE

As a child I was brought into the Urban League Movement by my mother.

She stressed to me how important being a part of a National Movement was and that it was important that we all do our share.   She has certainly done hers because she has been a part of the Movement for over 60 years.   She taught me that if you believe in something then you need to put in your time and your energy into making it work.   Responsible volunteering is what she called it.   "Make sure that you show up when you say you are and be prepared to do the most menial task first."

The Movement taught me to not allow others to define me,  that it was very important that I define myself.   We were taught not to give away our power.   It took me years to figure out what that meant.   Mrs. T at the National Urban League always taught us to hold our heads up high because we never knew when someone was looking.

I chose as my career path trying to Make A Difference every single day of my life.    All I have to do is bring my best self to everything that I do and the rest somehow just seems to work out.  ~What an awesome gift I have been given, the opportunity to engage in  positive change every single day.

My story is everyone's story.   It is a story of hope,  standing firm when others don't support your belief in Change and not waiting for the other guy to do it for me.   If not me, then who?

It is a story about volunteering for the causes you believe in and writing a check when necessary.

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE~Each and every one of us ~One day at a time, one success at a time, one helpful hand at a time~ The TIP Lady

  • I am only one,  but I am one
  • I cannot do everything,
  • Yet, still I can do something
  • What I can do,  I ought to do!
  • And what I ought to do ,
  • With the help of God, I will do

61-65, F
Mar 2, 2010