The Hole

It seems nothing fills my requirements for happiness. I have a feeling in my chest of just like a back hole. Nothing matters and nothing helps to fill this emptiness. I tried filling it with alcohol and drugs but it only helped temperarily. Then it got out of control so I quit doing that stuff and went to aa but the emptiness still remained. I had a break up in april and thats all i can think of. The feelings of being wanted were nice when i had it but now that that is gone. My soul is torn apart and nothing makes me feel better. Nothing satisfies me anymore. It seems like all i do is meaningless nonsense that only annoys people around me. It sucks that i only felt alive when i was loved by someone else and i can only wish this empty feeling would go away and i could forget about being loved and love myself, but i just cant do it. I am empty inside.
rabidrabit rabidrabit
22-25, M
Jul 13, 2010