Homosexuality And Us

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23

We have been very negative in our thinking toward homosexuals. If we look at the gospel preacher "Sy Rogers" a Christian evangelist who was a homosexual, and cross dresser, and now married with one daughter, we would probably eat our words, so to speak, about what we have said against them. We are all sinners before God, yet we place a higher condemnation on homosexuality than what we do of our own sin.

Governments in various countries have placed condemnation of Bible teaching in our schools, which has affected us greatly. In other countries, governments are also trying to implement non bible teaching in schools. It has been said that the bible teaches homosexuality. The remnants of this is bullying in the schools. As Christians we believe that the bible isn't in error. We sob like cry babies and say, but we want to teach the Bible to our School kids. But what have we said about the homosexuals in the past? Yes! Yes! Yes! God will hear our cries. The cries of a Christian to our Lord Jesus Christ is a dominate force in our lives.

Listening to a DVD "One of the boys" by “Sy Rogers I realised that God has given me the discernment over many years to believe what is right. It is great to hear a sermon to confirm what is believed. I believe homosexuality is a program of which one is brought up. Myself as a married man encourage my boys to spend time with Christian families where there are Christian men and women who are stable.

In society today there are many women bringing up young boys without the influence of a good stable home of which God intended to be. God in His creation created man and woman and the woman is to bear children from her husband. In no way is this a negativism against single mums but rather an encouragement for young boys to have the influence from stable families with good Christian leaders.

Before we get carried away let us forget about the saying that God meant marriage to be "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve." This saying doesn't help the unsaved sinner who commits homosexuality any enthusiasm to become a regenerate believer.

Let's face it, What do you and I think about in our private lives which no-one else can see? I'm not going tell you what I think about, and need to refrain from. Yet, regarding homosexuals we as Christians don't give them a chance to be redeemed by our negativism against them.

Having said all this, I will cry out to God for His Gospel to continue to reach out to Children in schools. I will cry out to God to raise good Christian men as leaders in our society. I pray for those that practice homosexuality see the Godly love which is in us as believers toward them. After all, I would hate my sins be judged by others every day of my life.
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Jan 20, 2013