My Fiance Was Diagnosed With A Critical Illness And Was Shipped Off To Italy 5 Years Ago

I'm not actually with my fiance right now. He broke up with me as he's in a different country and also in hospital fighting a illness and has been the last several years, he says he's holding me back from living my life and he's letting me "free". But my feelings will never change for him and i'd like to think his would never to. My future is him, i don't even deserve to date, i'd rather wait for him.

You'd think we've been engaged a few months, but we've been engaged 5 years now. I'm just as in love with him if not more than i was the first time i met him, i'd almost go as far to say i'm unhealthly obsessed with the man as i sing his praises night and day he's an amazing guy, he's drop dead gawjus and one the most supportive and strong i've ever come across as i'll explain.
i've just recently finished writing my book that will be out n February and yes you've guest it it's about my life before and after meeting him. Sounds lame but he saved me from suiside, he pulled me up when i thought i couldn't survive the world, i'd slit my wrist and he gave me a reason to want to live. We spent 4 months together where i found out he had a critical illness and was only given a few months to live. We decided his better option was to go out to Italy for experimental treatment, where before he boarded his plane he speed down to see me in the middle of the night risking his life stupidly! but he proposed to me and i said yes. After several years finally started recovering, and he faught a incredibly hard battle emotionally and mentally as well as physically. Today he's had damage to his nervous system and is learning how to walk from scratch as his left side is under paralysis, but they see promise in his movement and he's trying to return back to England.

People i tell think i'm crazy, they think that distance can only mean you play the feild or that you have a screw loose. it's not untill i describe our lives together that even the most twatish men realise that it can happen. I doubt anyone will read this story but i'd love to hear what you've experienced...

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Sometimes the unavailable is both more desirable than the available, and us also beyond the danger of being eroded by relentless familiarity. Fantasy and infatuation are always stages before long possession of the beloved. May we all find happy mating, and learn to balance the dreaming with the waking.

I am happy for you and I hope things DO work out long term.Good luck:)