Ten Reason Why I Know He Is the One...


its been a day since ive been back from seeing my true love... nothing feels more right then this... why does he have to be 3000 miles away from me? ten reasons why i know he is right for me

1. i can see myself grow old with him, rocking ont he front porch when we're 80

2. i feel comfortable both asking for and excepting help

3. i can let down my suit of armor

4. i can play with and feel my inner child

5. he respects my wisdom

6. i can share my secret thoughts and desires with

7. he brings out my tender side so well hidden from the rest of the world

8. he is supportive of my ambitions

9. he realizes a home in the suburbs and a garnet ring are as much of an expression of love as a poem or a card.

10. dresses tastefully and conservatively and i am so proud to be seen with him.

This last visit he proposed to me..... this was his proposal

" i want you to be a part of my family, no one else can i feel like this for, no one else can i think about so so much, and i want to be old with you and still hold your hand... with you everything feels so right... will you marry me?"

i was speechless and i definitely cried so many tears.... now i am engaged.... and i can not wait to be his wife... i can not wait to start my life with him.... life has just begun!!


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2 Responses Oct 4, 2009

My heart smiles when I read happy stories like yours...

so happy for you! thanks for the sharing. He is a knight and a prince. How did you both start this wonderful relationships?