True Love Stories Have No Ending

My boyfriend and I met when his parents moved from New York to buy and run a gas station in Vermont. This gas station was in my town and I got a job there. He was in love with me from the day he met me he says but I had a boyfriend. We became best friends and then fell in love. We dated for eleven months and were very in love before I broke the relationship off. We both had a lot of personal problems and relationship issues we needed to deal with. We stayed friends and talked a lot. Six months later. After new relationships,new schools, and his family moving back to New York we fell back in love and started dating again. We have been together for ten months now and I have never been more in love. I feel like our time together the first time around along iwth our time apart learning about ourselves helped strengthen our relationship. We are both 18 born one day apart : ) We have picked a date for our wedding. August 9th, 2014 even though we are not officially engaged.
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Hey girl! My name is Tina and i'm casting a new docu-series about young engaged couples for a major cable network. Please message me for more info :)