My man and I are in love and we have openly stated we are getting married. However, we are waiting to tie the knot until he gets back from his tour of duty. His name is Sean and he is in the Army, currently serving in Afghanistan. He is just about 19 and I am 17 hitting 18. So It's not too bad but am I ready? I honestly feel that I am. He put it on my shoulders to decide when I want him to ask me officailly. So after thinking and thinking on my own when he called after his mission I told him NOW! He has always said it will be a long engagement only because he wants to give me everything. And my picture perfect wedding. I have always told him that as long as he is up there with me on that alter that will be my picture perfect wedding! I use to want to wait until I finished college before even thinking about making it official but now I just want him to be mine and it be official. Ladies, what do you say?

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Keep the faith:)

Hey girl! My name is Tina and i'm casting a new docu-series about young engaged couples for a major cable network. Please message me for more info :)

Hey girl! My name is Tina and i'm casting a new docu-series about young engaged couples for a major cable network. Please message me for more info :)

You're almost exactly in my shoes. My boyfriend is 18 and i'm 17 and he told me that he wouldn't propose before he left for Benning in June. But he changed his mind a few months ago and i believe he's planning to propose next month before he leaves but we've decided not to tell anyone but our close friends for now. <br />
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I'm torn though. If he does propose, i think it would be incredible to be able to go live on base with him once he was imployed. But, i'm not really wanting to plan it all by myself and have it be rushed. <br />
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I just thought it was cool that you were a little step ahead of me :)

I understand what ur kinda going through...im 17 as well and will be 18 soon and im engaged to a marine who is in iraq right now. people try and ask me different questions to get me to think my way out of getting married but its one of those things where u really know in ur heart if ur supposed to be together. i think u know what will make u happy and dont let anyone change ur mind! i wish u the best....

So I bought the dress and we had a day planned! But then something happened and I just freaked out and said I wanted to wait, do a few semesters first and take it a litle bit more slow! He was hurt but understood! We recently decided we werte both ready, and I am. I know I am. I want to be with him for the rest of my life! Armyfiance11B good luck with your wedding hope it works out!

I dunno if your still looking for answers but my fiance proposed, not to long ago,(we're both 18 & he is also in the Army) and we also were thinking of waiting till after college to actually have the wedding but I'm starting to think that I really just want to get married now, I know for a fact that I will be with Cruz(my fiance) for the rest of my life! He is perfect for me and I love him with everything I have! <br />
So i've also been debating on weather or not to get married now, or to wait?? I really want all of his family to be supporteive of us.. and i hope they would be but they think we're to young to be engaged.. my family on the other hand is really supportive and my mom says if you wanna get married then do it :) Another small issue i was thinking of is with the Maid of Honor, because since we're so young if we chose our best friend, would they actually be there for you? and show up when you needed them? because in tradition the Maid of honor is supposed to throw you a baccalaureate party and what not, but if they've never been in a wedding before how are they supposed to know what to do? lol its just a small detail and of course people can do whatever they want with their wedding but still. :P anyways I hope the deployment went okay or is going okay!!