Been Through Hell And Back

Me and my boyfriend have been through hell and back. Have 5 very important people in my life die with in a week. One was from a tragic accident, my grandma died because of a valve in her heart sropped working, another was my cousin from I can't remember my other grandma from cancer and a very close family friend. We've had our fights like really bad fights. And we are ready to move forward. We have been daring for 7 1/2 months and we know its the right choice we both can feel it. I have so many medical problems and he still loves me knowing all of them even my friends that I have known for my whole life don't understand all of it neither does my mother. But he really gets me. I have dated before and it has never felt like this before. I'm 16 he's 17. Do you think it's a bad time?
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

be careful about letting tragedy push you into an early decision. People change as they get older, and getting married and making serious commitments at you age carries a high risk of early separation and divorce. You hormones and emotions want you to bond, but just ask yourself, are you really ready to make this level of life changing commitment?