Sixteen And Engaged(:

I'm Sarah(: I'm a junior in high school(:
I'm engaged to the most wonderful, sweetest, cutest, handsome, loving, passionate, romantic, tender-hearted, non-judgemental, reliable, supportive, amazing, trustworthy, (and sooooo many more) guy in this world(:

He's not perfect. He's made mistakes. Just like me. But he IS perfect for me((((:

He is my bestfriend.(: My confidant. My "partner in crime." My one and only true love<333 My naughty boy. My daddy. My baby. My sonny boy. My shoulder to cry on. My biggest supporter. My soulmate. My James Dean. My everything. My reason for living<333

He is the ONLY one for me(: I love this wonderful person to death! I would die for him<3 I LIVE FOR HIM(: He means the world to me. I trust him with my life. He knows EVERYTHING about me, and he still LOVES me(: I trust him with every single aspect of my life. He has always been there for me and is extremely supportive of me.<3333 He is the reason why I haven't killed myself. Because I know it would hurt him too much and I never wanna do ANYTHING that would hurt him. I love him with all my heart<333

Our wedding date has been set and we couldn't be more excited about spending the rest of our lives together:)

I'm so happy to be marrying my bestfriend<3 the past one year and one month with him has been AMAZING(: and I cannot WAIT to spend many more years to come with this amazing person who I call my fiancé, my bestfriend, my soulmate. I am sooooo glad God gave him to me:)))))
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Awwwwwww same here baby((((: I love you(:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww you touch my heart baby<33333333333 I love you<3333333333 your the ONLY one for me!!!!!