I am a 15 1/2 year old guy. Me and my sweetheart fell in love almost the very moment met. Almost 1 year now and we consider ourselves engaged! I never knew that i could be this happy.
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Kinda hard to be engaged without a ring 😒

You really dony need to have a ring to be in love. Neither of us are really materialistic people. We dont care where or how we are married, only that we are, because thats what matters most

.......right 😒

I love pretend marriages too.

Yeah, okay. Its just a product of my imagination, theres no such thing as marriage without rings. I am actually not in love at all.

No there's no legal marriage unless it's noticed by witnesses and a justice of the peace. 😒

So right now, it is fake

Wtf, did I ever say I was married? ENGAGED

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