I Am Engaged But Dont Want To Marry Him.

Iam engaged to a man who is the son of close family friends. Ever since the first day he asked me out on our first date our families automatically assumed and expected us to get married. I felt pressured into saying yes to the engagement and now they are all planning a wedding and I do not want to marry him. I cry myself to sleep at the thought of marrying him.

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Any specific reason not to marry him ... do u have another guy in life ... is he not attractive... n if u wanna have understanding bout him ask him to give you time ... judge him n then decide...

I know im late to this but im honestly in the exact same situation. I said yes to him doe to family issues. I thought saying yes to him will make everyone around me happy.. But now that the wedding is around the corner i cry myself to sleep and try my hardest to not think of it. I have opened up to my mom about it but she told me she dont want to hear it and said why did i say "Yes" in the first place. Im thinking about leaving and just disappear.

Did you do it?

Don't marry him. Get out and run far far away. You will regret wasting precious time on something/someone you didn't want.

I hope you don't go through with it.... you owe that to everybody! Update?

Stop this. There is still time. Take control of your own life! The longer you wait the harder it will be.