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hey guys well this is just kinda a background post. i just got engaged to my marine Zack two nights ago. we have been together since the summer of 2008 and have had our ups and downs but i love him no matter what. i havent seen him since christmas and wont again until the 4th of july if we are lucky. friday feb 26 2010 we had our normal webcam date on skype and noticed he was acting weird and not really saying much and i was just trying to be supportive. time went on and right as i was telling him good night he told me to close me eyes and i laughed but did he was like ok now open and when i did he was on one knee with the ring box in hand (his sister who lives here had the ring to give to me) he gave a speech i cried and said yes of course and thats the story of me and my marine. :)

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This is the cutest and most thoughful proposal I have ever read, I couldn't even imagine how happy that made you! Congratulations!

Yes, that is creative and cute! Good luck to you guys.

awwwwwwwwwwwww, that's amazingly cute. =) congrats.