How He Proposed

I am a very private person but I will share this with my EP friends who have requested details.
I knew it was coming.  We have been together for many years and King understood that I did not wish to be married again.  I had been through that with someone else and it didn't go well.  I have nothing against love.  I love King deeply.  I just didn't want to get married because of the role that portrays. King has always respected my wishes.  As time has progressed I decided that I would welcome a proposal of marriage from him (There are many factors that made me decide this which are personal).  We believe in the sovereign approach to marriage.  The gentleman waits for a sign that a proposal would be welcomed.  It saves face so that a gentleman does not lose his honor and a woman doesn't feel like she has given the wrong impression of desire.  I told King recently that I would welcome a proposal from him. 
Since I knew that he has always wanted to get married, I knew it wouldn't be long.  He also knows that I don't like typical proposals.  The fancy restaurant, present a ring at dessert kind of thing just isn't my style. 
The first time I was married, my soon-to-be husband proposed in a park that I walked in daily.  He had planned an outdoor luncheon and after lunch presented me with a gift which had my ring inside.  Nice touch.
Anyway, King knew that I love San Francisco and always felt I left my heart there (Tony Bennett song), so he surprised me when he said he wanted us to go to San Francisco on Sunday.  We take a lot of day trips and extended weekend trips so it is no big deal to go away for a few days.
In San Francisco, we went to the places that had childhood significance to me and did things that really delighted my heart.  We had visited a bridal shop, which I didn't know that King had made plans in advance for them to have the dresses that I selected on hand for me to try.  I told him that it felt strange because I was trying on dresses but hadn't been proposed to.  It was like putting the cart before the horse. I knew we would be getting married but it seemed out of order.
Over the next four days we went for a walk down Lombard Street, rode a cable car, went to Fisherman's Wharf, and had a very romantic dinner at a wonderful and memorable place that is special to me.  We danced.  We were out very late and it became the next morning. 
In the wee hours, we took a trip back to Lombard Street but this time we didn't walk down it; we were at the bottom of the street.  He said that I had been with him through so many twists and turns in his life and was still with him (as he has been with me), and he asked me to continue the journey of life with him and asked if I would honor his heart and elevate his soul by becoming his wife.  He got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.  I said yes. (smooch type stuff occurred here, - I told you I'm a private person.)  We walked up Lombard Street and kissed again. It was to signify that we had gone down through the road of life and we were now going up the road of life.  We flew back to Dallas yesterday and are expecting friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner today.

We are both very happy.
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Does anyone have a tissue? Wilde, you and King have the greatest love story ever. I'm sure each chapter gets better and better as the years progress! :)

It has been an interesting ride and now we are getting ready to add children to the roller coaster. That should make for an interesting chapter in our lives.

Oh thats nice!

Its nice to be Happy :)

Looks like..........King has his Queen!

That is very romantic proposal and also very intimate moment between you two :)

Wowww, that was a nice proposal :)

King is my sweetie.

That is a fairytale proposal! Wow! And wow again! Trips away, sight-seeing, kindness and forethought, attention to the little details, wined and dined, romance and LOVE. Oooooooooo, that is heartbreakingly wonderful! <br />
<br />
And reading Kings comment - designing the ring himself and all the effort with your beautiful wedding dresses. That is some guy you have there!!! :D

Liquidgold, I have been very blessed. King is resourceful man and a big romantic. He is also a geologist so he is very familiar with "rocks." He is always doing something sweet.

:) A Prince! A King! A Happy Ever After! :D

LOL, That really does make him my King.

Congratulations Wilde and King.

That is such a touching story. Thank you for sharing it. It is nice to know that romantic men still exist. Congratulations.

Congratulations Dr. Wilde and Dr. Swords.

Even though I heard about this first hand at Thanksgiving dinner last night, I love reading the story of how it happened. Wilde thanks for posting it. I love how you are. Strong but private and sensitive "(smooch type stuff happened here)." LOL. Congratulations to you and King. You two are my favorite couple on and off EP.

Ms. KassieKat and Ms. Rubies, thank you. Now, she understands why I kept going back and forth asking her questions. I already knew what kind of ring to design for her but I had no idea of the complexities of wedding dress shopping. Thankfully though very good friends who knows someone, who knows someone who owns a bridal boutique and does private label designs was able to pull everything together. The best thing was that they are able to make the modifications to the design and create a dress for her to her specific requirements.

Yes, now I know. Thank you sweetie for pulling it all together.

Aww, thanks for sharing this story! This is exciting and King did himself proud. That was really nice of him to have pre-arranged trying the dresses on. ( I always apreciate thoughts like that; they are what makes a person stand out as truly special)<br />
<br />
Congratulations to you both!

What a poignant story Girlfriend. I'm so very happy for you and your man. Thanks for stepping outside your comfort zone to share such a touching story. :)