I got engaged too, lol, i guess that is the reason i am now marreid.  To tell you the truth though I cant remember how we got engaged.  I think that while we were dating we talked about getting married, so we just assumed it would happen some day.  There was no proposal, no romantic knee bowing,no mood ,, nothing .  two years after we dated, we got married.  three days after his birthday , 2 days after mine.  Our wedding was in a courtroom, we had my 6month old baby as our and he was on his lunch break.  At that time he worked for a masonry company and had concrete everywhere.  his shirt had bee ripped from his job and i was in jeans and a t-shirt.  our baby was the only one in a After the wedding, he took me home and went back to work.  when he got home form work we get dressed and went to the mall and had dinner.  We didnt have money for real wedding rings and got matching bands from a little stand in the middle of the mall, they were about 20.00 together.  but they were ours.  We went home put the baby to bed watched a movie and went to bed and didnt even crissin our marriage.  the next day was a normal day and is the rest of our lives.  We will have been married for ten years in August and i have to admitt i could not be any happier.  I still dont have a ring, but we have papers and a wonderful relationship.
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awwww thats awsome .. wishing you alot more yrs

Best story i've read so far on this site :)

wishing you more years of wedded bliss..!!

You don't need a huge wedding and an expensive ring, as long as you love each other.