Engaged and Unsure

I got engaged Sept 2006. I am very much inlove with my man but somehow something dont feel right. He use to stay with a woman for almost 9 years I've never given it a thought, they broke up April 2006, she called me in feb 2007 and told me that she is 7 weeks pregnant with my fiances child he of course denied the whole story and said she is obsessed with him she dont want to let go of him. I dont know what to do. he told me he would never do such a thing and i must stand by him cause she want us to brake up, his parents also dont beleive her. now to according to law he is her husband caurse they've been staying together for more then 5 years, i a, so confused I just wanna get away. should I call it quits or not. 
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get a paternity test now if you haven't already. That way you'd have proof that it has anything to do with him. I know this is old so it's probably already resolved in some way, but I figured it needed to be said.

Some girls do that kind of thing just because their jealous. Maybe she really is psycho over your fiance because she spent a long time with him. If his parents are saying she's making it up too, then maybe she is. It's difficult getting a call like that but trust him until he proves to really be untrustworthy then call it quits if thats the case.

It must be horrible getting a call like that. <br />
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I don't know why she would call you if her story is true. Say your fiance had cheated and she was pregnant with his child. If he wasn't prepared to leave you and be with her then she isn't going to make him by ruining your relationship. What's the point in calling?<br />
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I think you need to decide if you trust your fiance and if you believe him. If not then maybe you should break it off. You shouldn't marry him if you can't trust each other. <br />
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Just, don't jump to conclusions. Give him the benefit of the doubt and don't make a hasty decision. Remember that he is with you and not her, he is obviously in love with you or he wouldn't be marrying you. <br />
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I wouldn't let the legal things bother you. It might seem difficult but you'll get through it. What matters s do you want to marry him.

no one can make that decision but you -good luck ,hope it works out for the best .

that is a hard choice you have to make. trust is the key issue. if you don't trust now. it won't last. that is my belief

that's a sad story :( i am really sorry. i can imagine how u feel knowing all that.<br />
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9 years is not a small amount of years. actually that is a whole life. imaginning a small baby and 9 years old boy.. that's a whole life..<br />
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i don't want to think that he could use u as a mean to forget his x. but if it is so, then sooner or later u will be really regreting... <br />
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i can't tell what exactly i would have done. coz u are in such a complicated situation