2 Days Ago

Well two days ago I got enaged to my best friend Bradley who by the way I love alot. It feels odd to say that I am enaged becasue I don't have a ring on my figure yet and it's hard to tell people till I have a ring. I keep asking him when I getting one and he says that it's a surprise so I gusse I have keep and wait till I get it. The wedding date is set all ready even through we have not been engaged that long and the date is 06-08-2013 one day before my 22 brithday. I cant wait to be Mrs Backham I so happy and I going to be a mom becasue he has two young kids but, they live with his ex. But i in love so I don't care.
fucturemrsBrackham fucturemrsBrackham
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012