I Want You To Be Happy In Life!

For God sakes if you love yourself and your fiance DONT GET married! Please have an honest talk with your married friends, especially if they have kids. Ask them the hard questions like how is their sex life, finances, relationship as compared to before marriage. It's already too late for me. I'm married with a child that I love but my love life and emotional relationship is nonexistent. I'm telling you now, don't get married. You'll regret it later. I used to believe in marriage and the bond between man and woman. I don't believe in quitting and I haven't yet but I'm absolutely miserable and so is my wife but I'm trapped here because I don't want my daughter to move to another state if we divorce. Trust me there is a reason the divorce rate is so high. Don't throw your life away! I implore you.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Divorce rate high...I am born in 87 so I was born a non-believer in marriage. Overcoming the fact that everyone I know messed up (divorced) is big. It is making this generation be more prepared, picky, and aware of the consequences. The same happened with being called fattest country, all of a sudden the rate dropped and everyone worked out because they were aware of the notoriety.

Why are you so cynical about marriage?