My Love, My Life.

She is my life. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met. I cannot believe I have lived life without her, My life had never begun, until I met her. She has changed my life. I cannot live without her, my love for her will never die. Life has no meaning without her, my only dream is her. The only thing I need is her. I was lost, and wandering on my own until I met her. I want to spend every second with her, every moment of forever, with her. Every moment without her is a moment wasted. I never knew I could feel this way. I want to do everything with her, I want to take her everywhere, I want to show her everything, I want to take care of her, I want to protect her. I never knew I could be so close to someone, I thought love was a fairy tale. I love the way she smiles, the way she talks, the way she thinks, the art she draws, the things she writes, the way she sings to me, the way she looks at me, the soul behind those eyes, the ideas in her head, the way she laughs, the things she likes, the way she moves her feet as we talk, the way her face changes as we talk, the way we can talk for hours and hours and hours and never tire of each other. I love that we can finish each other's sentences, and that we say the same things at the same time, that we have the same thoughts, that we like the same things, that she completes me. I love everything about her, And I love EP for helping me find her. I met her by what seems like random chance, but I feel it is fate, she saved me, and I love her, she is everything to me, and without her I will perish, but I will not be without her, because she will be my wife, and we will never part, she is my soulmate, and she said yes!
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you will be a good husband! And I believe you will give her a luxuy wedding. If you want to buy the wedding dresses,you can come here

Thank you, but we have enough dresses already!

Thank God for giving you such a wife and love Jesus so that your love will survive. Love Jesus from all of your heart and soul because He gave you love for her and gave her love for you. Go to church and make room in your heart for Jesus.

Thank you for your sentiment

I do not want to do religious propaganda, but in order to go through hardships and in order for a marriage to stay and love to survive- Jesus is needed for that when you are angry on her- you will pray to God for her and He will fix things and when she will be mad at you, she will pray to God for you- and He will fix things. That's how marriage works and that's why people marry - to have God's protection. Sadly, many forget to serve God and without that, their marriages don't end up too good :(

Aww that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life...I wish I could find me a man like that...good luck to u guys and may god bless u everyday of your life :) so happy for you guys

Thank you for your kind words :)

You must love each other a lot.. and I guess there must be loads of chemistry ....
I was wondering, if your stories were publish in the ep book? ...soon will order EP book and I like what you wrote also wanted to nominate your stories for the book but EP didn't reply to my e-mail.... and not sure why I was thinking about your story today as you said you will write an update....

Thank you so much for your thoughts, it's alright if it doesn't make it into the book, it has been awhile as things have gotten very busy in life, but as for an update, we are almost finally together, a couple more months and she'll have her visa and she'll finally be here in the states :) we are both happier than ever!

That is beautiful

Makes me jealous that you have found such a thing!

what 'thing' are you talking about?

I am very lucky, but I believe that everyone can find what I have, best of luck for you!

This is amazing. You are clearly smitten and she is one very lucky lady. All the best to you both and massive congratulations! x x

Thank you!


this just made my heart skip a beat after reading this :)

Wow after reading that theres only one word to describe what you've found thats your soulmate...there is hope out there for all of us. Congratulations :)

Thank you! there is definitely hope, good luck!

a toast to u

Thank you :)

Wow... So nice to read.... Congratulations from the bottom of my heart..

Thank you :)

I Love this! This is so inspiring and heart-warming. Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you both joy and happiness and pray that God will bless your union forever.

Thank you!

That's so great :) happy for you.

Thank you! :D

This is so beautiful, made me feel like crying as I read it. I'm happy for you. Being in love is such a beautiful experience. It is a miracle really, when it is reciprocated. Enjoy it and treasure it. Would love to experience that again. I have loved like this, but don't think I have been loved like that. Lucky lady.

I will always treasure what we I share with her, and I will always love her this way :) thank you for your words

This is just beautiful, I'm so happy you shared this :)

Thank you, I\'m glad you liked it, I\'ll be sure to update as things progress :)

Good :)

I can add that you can absolutely make it with this kind of love and in your circumstances. I am at the other end and over 40 with a lot of painful experiences in life and lack of trust. I started out as penpals with my a wonderful man after 10 years of being out of the game completely and just enjoying my children. We wrote more and more, skyped after the first four months then packages and phone calls. He is from a different country and still learning to speak English (written well but never spoke to anyone in English). We spent hours a night talking and writing on skype to learn to understand each other. I was in love with him completely without seeing his picture even and the same was true for him. I am over 40 and still felt exactly as you feel for your very fortunate young lady. We met the first time almost a year later but committed much earlier (different nationalities means all or nothing in this kind of relationship). We were engaged the second year after having been together only four weeks total with visits. It was excruciating after the engagement and the depth felt for another in a long distance relationship is much deeper in this time. I felt incomplete without him; at times we were on webcam and he even shed some tears. We counted the days for the next visit. We have been married now 3 years and together 6 total. We have lived in his country for 2 years and now preparing in the next year or so to move back to my home as a family to the US (it was a tough adjustment for my daughters but wonderful with the culture). I wanted to post my whole story to you because of some of the negative comments that couldn't understand. My advice is only to never take that deep time you have now for granted when you are always together. There are many that put your feelings of need (I actually think this is essential in a relationship) and other feelings to your age but you have to experience loving someone completely and not being able to give them a hug or do more then support and worry when you are apart. Another great thing we learned is to always keep the relationship equal; this sounds easy but when you are giving up some of your life to be with another (someone always does), try to keep it equal and always give the same consideration to the other no matter how you are feeling in the moment. Leaving for my country is very difficult for my husband now; his family is very close and really reliant on him but we both always consider the other's happiness and give and take should always balance. It has not been so simple and neither will yours in the future. However, when you have so much together and have to work so hard it only brings you closer. Best wishes to you both and good luck with everything. Congratulations, you sound like a very special couple.

Thank you so much for this. I completely understand your story. I\'m so happy for you two :) It is wonderful to hear a success story :) I know exactly what you mean about giving and taking as well, We both sacrifice for each other in multiple ways. We always understand when the other has to do something else, it\'s a fact of life that we\'ll have to have it like that. I also have to agree with you about how hard it is to be unable to hug her, and unable to do anything but give support and worry for her. There is nothing harder than being unable to be with her :( every single day is a pain because of it, But I take strength in the fact that I know we\'ll be together one day, even though I know not when that will be. I wish I did so I could count down the days... We\'ll both keep trying our best to make it happen, and I\'ll be sure to update our story once we make it :) thank you for this, good luck with the move, and best wishes always :)

Wow you're not only young but very experienced. It's hard to believe you're only 18-21 (heck that's the only information I have on you) but HEY good luck for your relationship! She's a lucky person!

Very well put together.. But it is only the start. Marriage can be good, most people who marry feel the same way. It must expand from there, you should "go on a date" every week, be friends do things together, and your love will grow.... but marriage is hard work, there will be life to live, shortage of money, disagreement about school,s childrens upbringing and their friends, trying to pay the mortgage/rent.... everyday things but they take their toll. However doing it together can make all that interesting, and easier to cope with..

Your comment is very down to earth, Thank you for that :) We will always do our best in our marriage, and I love the advice to go on a date every week, we will be sure to ;) Of course I know it will be hard, but actually I am kind of looking forward to it, my life has not been easy up until this point, but I know I can face any difficulty with her by my side as my inspiration and support. I hope to be able to prevent monetary shortfalls, which is why I\'m doing my best now in college, I\'m doing great right now, and hopefully in a few years I will be a full-fledged software engineer. Thank you for your advice, take care ;)

If would not know any better i would say my husband sent this love letter from heaven.


I'm so happy for you. A good marriage is the best of human relationships. May God bless your union.

Thank you :) Best wishes to you :)

wow nice thats so amazing :D age is nothing but a number my friend got married when she was 16 and they still very happy together anyway congradz :)

Thank you :) of course age is nothing but a number, although it does play its own role in everything. What really counts is maturity and the ability to make wise choices which can come at any age. Great to hear that about your friend, best of luck to them, but also to you ;)

I am very happy to hear those words from a sensitive man like you! i hope that stays forever coz the problem in love is not falling into it but keeping it with the same spirit when you first met

Thank you, I will do everything I can to keep it like this forever :) as far as I can tell it\'s only gonna get better with time as we become ever closer, more comfortable, and understanding of each other. I\'ll always do my best, and I know she will too. Best wishes to you :)

Wow. What a nice love story.
Very inspiring.
Wish u all the best for your happy destined love.
I hope theres still people like you whom i could meet soon, the true one.hehe

Thank you :) Don\'t worry, there is someone out there for everyone, I am sure of that, be patient, but don\'t let the right opportunity pass you by, but also be careful, it is a dangerous road, try not to get hurt, or to hurt another while on it :( Good luck to you, and never ever give up!

all I can say Is I wish you all the very best and never stop loving her

Simon from a very sunny Cornwall

Thanks so much, we\'re doing our best and everything is going great :) best of luck to you also ;)

Everyone is being super negative, but I'll tell you that it really does work out. (: I met my boyfriend (soon to be fiance) online, and we spent our first several months only talking on skype. Meeting was so natural for us because we had spoken so often. Congratulations on your happiness. (:

Thank you heureux, I know my first meeting with her will be natural as well, we know each other so well it\'s like we read each other\'s minds, nothing else could be so wonderful :) I hope the best for you and your boyfriend too :)

Theodus, I assure you my feelings go beyond infatuation, we\'ve been together more than long enough for the effects to start wearing off (or even to wear off completely) yet I only love her more now than I did before. It\'s been almost a year since our engagement, and I regret nothing, I\'m ready to move forward with her. Hopefully we\'ll be married by January :) Don\'t be so speculative about true love, it really does exist, although I shouldn\'t chastise you, I didn\'t believe it myself, but it found me anyways, May you be so lucky, cheers :)

Thank you Theodus, for that and also for helping to keep this site a nice and comfortable place to share experiences. I hope you also find all that makes you happy, best of luck :)

Have just read one of your responses where you say that you have not even met this woman in person yet. Skype is wonderful for many reasons and you can share a lot with another and gain a lot from the communication. However, Skype is no subsitute for being with another person in real life where you interact physically in real life situations where you have to negotiate day to day situations together. Until you you have known a person in real life for at least some months you will not know the real person. It is only as people relate to one another over time that the true self is revealed and until you have had several conflicts and discovered how successful you are at resolving them with each other, you will not know how truly compatible you are with each other. There are also important things like shared values and how you see your lives working together in real terms. An on-line relationship needs to become a relationship in real time and then you will really know. Love is not about completing one another's sentences but is enduring over time through the inevitable challenges that marriage brings. The current divorce rate says a lot about how people put more research into the sort of car they buy than the person who they plan to marry.

That\'s so true wildflower . I have had a few online relationships and what your saying has occurred every time . I think at first it\'s almost a huge crush, and excitement for what might become . Nothing like reality. Of course many (lots) of online relationships work but the beginning , before meeting , is just far too early to say .

Yes. I think that when we meet someone who seems to reflect ourselves at the deepest level, we take that to mean love. Just goes to show how much some people rely on the people on the outside of them to reflect them rather than doing the necessary work on themselves to develop that degree of self-love within themselves. No-one can really provide that to another person and when the infatuation stage stops and the real relationship begins, and that outer positive reflection becomes tempered with a dose of reality, then the real work of relationship begins. That romantic haze I think is nature\'s way of increasing the population. It does feel very good though while it lasts lol.

Whereas what you say is very sensible and agreeable, I have to say that despite what you think, my relationship is very mature and beneficial to us both. You lack quite a bit of information and you are making judgements on the little you know. That\'s understandable as it is the natural thing to do, but you should know that our relationship goes far far beyond what can be captured in a few thousand words across multiple posts. I can assure you that our relationship is beyond the initial excitement phase from meeting a new person and is maturing wonderfully. Yes many fall prey to lust/infatuation, but I know we shall not. I am very slow by nature, and would never move into something as life-changing and important as this without being absolutely sure of what I was getting into. I agree with you that skype is far inferior to actual physical contact, but it\'s much much better than only letters, and marrying someone you never even saw let alone been with was once a common and acceptable practice. What I have with her is far beyond that, and we will succeed where many fail, because we do fit so perfectly together, what i lack she has in spades, and what she lacks I have in excess. We compliment each other in ways I have never seen between any couple before. Despite what theodus says about my lack of experience and implications of me making a bad decision, I have actually very good judgement for my age. I am well known for giving advice to people twice, ore even thrice my age as well as my peers around me, simply because I am able to see things from multiple angles and analyze them clearly... In this case I am looking through your eyes at me, yet still choosing to side with what I know best and trust more. Also, your last point, it was a good one, but trust me, we won\'t be increasing the population anytime soon, we are both too young, and are not ready for children yet. We will not produce children we are unable to care for.

From your story I can see that you are smitten with the woman with whom you plan to spend your life. As I read what you have written, I also feel a good deal of concern at some of the things that you are saying. Mature love is something that comes out from within us and we choose to share that love out of ourselves to enrich another's life. The fact that you say that you cannot live without her is concerning and you sound as if you are dependent on her presence and not totally fine with your own self. I think that it is wonderful that you enjoy spending time with each other, but your relationship does not sound like a mature one where both people are comfortable in their own skin and each person complements the other. Mature love looks like a Venn diagram. Each of the people in the relationship is a completely separate being with an independent life. Then there is the part where the circles overlap and that part is the relationship. If there is not enough separation and individuality within each of the partners, then perhaps there is a need to develop the self quite a good deal more so that whether this woman is in your life or not, you have a whole complete life independent of her. To have a mature relationship requires two people to be whole without another person, before entering a life partnership.

You are entitled to your own opinions when it comes to what you feel comprises a loving relationship, but what is true for you is not necessarily true for others. Some people have different needs regarding relationships, and it is quite possible to have a healthy and mature relationship where both individuals really share a life. Of course you will always be separate beings with different thoughts, feelings, ideas, jobs and so on, but you can still share a life, rather than pursuing your own interest and still trying to meet in the middle. Actually we push each other to do our best reaching our own goals, but our goal is really to be together. We have our own degree of individuality, but we are still one soul in two bodies. We share our identity by choice, and so long as we\'re happy it is right. We are whole by being with each other, and have no need of our separate lives to maintain our mature relationship. I value your thoughts, and I feel that you speak with concern and wisdom, but beyond all else I must tell you that we are different people, and my relationship is a happy and meaningful one, call me a stubborn youth if you will, but I have not felt the slightest need to change the way we are. Best wishes to you

Its Wonderful feeling :) however have you met yet/much ? Just a little concerned like some others that you have put your whole life into her hands .... Another person cannot make us complete ... That's within us. If it goes wrong I'm worried for you . Back to the "have u met yet "....If this feeling is still there with years and years in each others pockets like some on here then I am very envious and hope I find this . All the best x

I appreciate your concern, but taking this chance with her is what I want, I have put my faith and trust in her just like she has in me. No we haven\'t met in person, but we do skype every single day for hours on end, no it\'s not the same, but the risk is one I\'m willing to take, I know I love her, and that she loves me too. We\'ll always do our best, take care, and good luck to you ;)

Still , Skype is almost knowing someone , I believe . Would be more worrying if u had never spoke . When are u planning to meet ? Exciting times for u !

We plan to meet when I\'m off from college this winter break. I\'m saving up money for the airfare/other costs now. I will have 2,000 miles to go, but considering that is 7,000 miles closer than she was before I won\'t complain :P i am indeed very excited :)

Congrats on your engagement! Love is such a wonderful, powerful emotion! I was just as you were before, depressed, down about everything. Was not confident about myself AT ALL. Then I met my husband and the whole world seemed to change around me. He makes me a better person, makes me feel amazing about myself and I do the same for him. We've been married for 15 months now and I still feel like the luckiest woman in the world! :) He's the sweetest, most caring, all around great man that I have ever met! When you find your other half, your soulmate, never let them go. And these niave people who tell you that you need counseling, they just need pure, uncensored, TRUE love in their life! They will know how we each feel about our significant others at some point in their lives, I hope!

I\'m glad you think so. You know exactly how I feel :) and indeed you are very lucky, well we are very lucky :) very nice to meet you, I hope for the best for you two always :)

So romantic, you sound like my husband. I wish you all the best with your future wife.

Thank you so much, take care, and be happy with him, best wishes for the two of you :)

My friend, I do think that you need to see a psychologist before it is too late. You sound like an obsessive, possessive, and a jealous person. Others may be happy for you, but a lot of your statemants have risen some red flags. You need to realise that it is only God that you cannot do without. I strongly feel that this poor lady's life is in danger. You need counselling. I am not saying that you should not express your feelings for someone, but you are over-doing it way by far. What do you mean by "without her I will perish"? she God? I would never want anyone to feel about me in that way. Many may think that your sentiments are sweet, but I am sure that professionals will agree with me that your lady is actually sitting on a "time-bomb". You need to love your lady unconditionally, and not with that vice-grip type of love (if that is love anyway). You need to get some good counselling so that you can change your outlook on life and love if you intend to have a lasting and meaningful relationship. Stop your foolishness and ask God to also give you the proper guidance that you need. You are not ready for marriage as yet. YOU CAN'T SAY THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEING WARNED!! !!

I must say I was taken aback by this comment. First of all, what gives you the right (and qualification) to tell me I need to see a psychologist? Second, I admit I may be a tad obsessive about her, but not dangerously so, just in the sense that she is my life and everything that matters to me. I am not possessive of her nor jealous, beyond a reasonable amount, I expect her to remain true and loyal to me, just as I will be to her, but beyond that she is her own person and I absolutely respect that, and I trust her completely, otherwise a relationship like ours could not last. Both of us are surrounded by eligible people, yet we choose to remain true to each other because we care for each other as much as we do. Next, HOW DARE YOU SAY I ENDANGER HER LIFE! That is outrageous and you have absolutely no right to say such a thing. We have given so much to each other, and we are both working so hard for each other, currently I am doing everything in my power to provide her with a future that is both satisfying and happy for her not to mention financially stable. She is actually in less danger now than before, but that is not of your concern. I have every right to say what I feel for her, and nothing is over-doing it. I can choose to say my life ends with her, which is true because she IS my life. I do love her unconditionally, I am willing to give her anything and everything I have to give and I am prepared to give up my life for her. Don\'t tell me that I don\'t love her, I know what I feel and what you think does not change that a bit. About this whole \"GOD\" issue you keep trying to throw at me, I have no problem with God, people can choose to follow God as they wish, but don\'t tell me to follow something I don\'t believe in. I won\'t tell you how to live, so don\'t do that to me. I need no advice from you, and the only foolishness here is being displayed by you, have a good day, and good luck in your life, I\'ll stick to mine.

Talk about being obsessed and possessed by god…yawn you are your own worst enemy

Everyone can do what they like in life.... and spend time with people they love & like.... I think he is over 18 yeas old and he can realise what he wants to do...and talking about psychologist and other crap is bit to hash... if he wants to be happy and they love each other & they want to be together, why not? ...Maybe you just a bit jealous that love can be so strong? Maybe you didn\'t get married because you loved someone but because it was convenient for you .. but there is loads of people on this Universe who really may fall in love ... and life is 2 short so stop criticising him so much for being loved and being in love...

Thank you again monster10, ever the helpful one you are :)

I don't know why but I was thinking today about your beautiful story ... so how is your progress so far? and I don't know what was ''&amp'' I wrote above - where did it came from?

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BEAUTIFUL! Congratulation, wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Thank you :) We will do our best, good luck to you and i hope happiness always finds you :)

Beautifully written.

thank you :) i\'m glad you like it :)

This is what it's like to be human :).

I\'ve never thought about it like that, but I guess you are right, it is something like love that truly makes you feel alive. I hope you too get to have this ;)

To be honest I wouldn't make someone my main source of happiness like that

To be honest part of the beauty of loving another so strongly is the trust you place in them to make you happy, it is a wonderful thing. I do however understand your point and I have been hurt before, but I won\'t let it stop me. I am happy, and more importantly she is happy, as long as it stays like that I will never regret a single moment, best of luck to you, try new things, you may be surprised ;)

you r so lucky .....even i love a boy for the past 06 years ...but still waiting for him

Well never give up hope :) however sometimes waiting too long will hurt too much, if you can find your happiness somewhere else, take it. best of luck to you for everything, do your best and never lose sight of what you want.

congratulation! You're such a happy person

Thanks, I really am because of her, best wishes for your happiness too :)

So Sweet <3 <3 <3

:) Thank you ;)

Man, keep this love deep in your heart and don't let the small fights kill it!

Thanks for your words :) however yesterday was 8 months to the day since we became engaged and we have yet to have had a single fight :) I'm not saying it won't happen, but if one day it does i'm sure we're hold together, nothing will ever change the way i feel about her :) thank you again :) we'll do our best :) you do as well, best of luck ;)

So where are you guys going to get married? And where are you guys going to settle down if you don't mind me asking?

I don't mind at all :) actually we're not sure where we will get married, possibly in Canada (her dad lives there so that's where she will be staying) or else here in the States, we're working on everything, but the citizenship thing is quite difficult (unless you have loads of money, and that's out of the question for a poor college student like me) but we're gonna keep working on it to make it come true :) As for settling down, we're not sure in the slightest, we'll go wherever the winds of change take us (wherever I can get a job in software engineering that is :P) thanks for the politeness in your questions ;)

Wow congrats! I'm glad you found each other! Good luck! may it last like the notebook movie! ... Till death do us part...

thanks for the words, and for sure we shall be together till the end (and beyond if such a thing is real) :) happy and soooooooooooo in L O V E ... Congrats!
and someone told me once that you can never change a person ... but I guess its not true because you did change

I once thought my heart and mind were beyond saving, I had pretty much given up on the world, I always had a small hope that things might change, and so I knew I would do my best to improve the world, in whatever small ways I could, yet I had started to give up, but she changed everything for me, because now I get to look at why I am trying so hard every single day, i get to be reminded by her beautiful smile every single day, just what makes this world worth fighting for :) I'll say love is the most powerful driving force I have ever known.... thank you for your words :)

I love your story :-) I wish you all the best. Relationships will not always be this easy (you will have ups and downs) but that is okay as long as you continue to grow and work on things together.

I met my fiance on her too and he is also my soul mate. We have been together for 4 years now and we are getting married this summer :-)

wow, congrats on the wedding :) (makes me even more eager for mine :P) I wish the best for you two. Also thanks for the advice, we'll have our ups and downs, however we'll always have them together ;) take care and have an amazing wedding!!

may I ask you?....when you have your ups and downs &amp; you get upset with her... do u still love her? or when she upsets you or have a different opinion you don't want to talk to her at all but deep down you still love her?. and then when she cuddles you kiss you and smiles at you ....will you forgive her?

Of course I still love her, that never changes. I've never had a reason to be angry at her, and i doubt she could make me mad if she tried, but a disagreement only makes us closer and understand each other even better :) as for whether i forgive her, well i never ask her for an apology, anything she could do is already forgiven because i love her.

hmmm... you are the person with good heart and great personality... I am sure you will be very happy together and wish u all the best.

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This is so beautiful I nearly cried.

I am glad you think so... but by your name, if you do indeed have a broken heart, please understand, I've been there, and I know that emotional pain is far worse than any physical pain ever could be, however you can move on, you can do it, there is something beautiful out there for everyone, because everyone has their own beauty inside of them no matter how buried some may be... find your beautiful thing, and be happy with it, I found mine, and I have the hope that everyone else can as well, best of luck, and if you ever need advice or just an ear, i'm around somewhere, just send a quick message and i'll try to get back to you, I know i'm young, but I do try to have my head on straight so I can look at the world clearly, take care now :)

looking at your age you are young but your thinking is very mature ... some of us learn from our life experiences and are more wise but not always ... you are very mature person who could teach elders.... Wisdom is also a key ingredient in maturity so keep your chin up happy and good luck.

OMG... this is so beautiful...:') I wish you happiness forever... When I was younger I was always wondering if people can love somebody except than theirselves for real... Now that I have read your story, I am sure they can. I hope you will feel that way for her for the rest or your life and she will love you like you love her. Sorry for my english btw.

Don't worry, your English is fine :) I am glad that we were able to show that to you, indeed I had given up on love as well, but she just came into my life and shattered that belief... I believe everyone could have such a love, and I hope that I live to see the day when people do start to love one another as they should, best wishes and good luck :)

There is nothing like the feeling that fills your very being when find your soul mate! Congratulations!!! Best Wishes to you :)

That's exactly right :) best wishes to you too :)

you jerk! what made you so much more lucky than the rest of us??!

I'm not sure what made me lucky but i sure am happy about it, don't worry, I believe there is someone for everyone :)

Your story is such an upper.

Been married for a few months now.

All I can say is that life can't be better when you're married to someone that you're totally in love with and who is totally in love with you.

I'm glad to hear that you have that :) i'm really looking forward to the time when i can say i've been married for a few months :)

wow..congratulations, you have written everything from the heart. God bless both of you with a wonderful life. Stay happy and have a great life ahead.

thank you :) it's quite wonderful :) you do the same :)

Wow! And you're so's nice to hear a man so in love and committed these days. Good luck and the best to you both for now and the future!:)

thanks so much :)

Was thinking that are so young but we seek the same thing, young or old. Congratulations!

Just as someone who fell hard around the same age, don't let your significant other be the focus of your life, You need to find out who you are independent of her. I focused too much on my love and lost it...

It is a beautiful thing when you find it. I wish you the best :)

Thank you :D best wishes to you too :)