We have been engaged for two years. On the up side this is a five year relationship, and yes I'm holding it up. I wanna graduate collage and my soon to be is all behind me. But, now things have changed. We had a BIG fight and I left. It was wrong on so many levels. The only thing we both know is we don't want to be without each other. But let's be honest!! I lost tons of trust for leaving. I always thought that this would break her heart, but I'm so damn tired is saying "watch your mouth" The harsh words were too much. So What can we do. We no longer trust each other with our hearts and emotions. We might be marrying to divorce.

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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

"Marrying to divorce" is a thought I hope my fiance' never entertains. I sincerely hope you are able to work it out. I don't know any specifics but it sounds like you both have a lot of rebuilding to do. A five year relationship must be worth rebuilding.