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One year ago today, my boyfriend took me on a hike on a perfectly Saturday morning. It was raining, but we really didn't care about that too much, so we headed up into the mountains to look for a geo cache.

He let me use the GPS to try to find the cache, and it didn't take me very long to get within 12 feet of it. The only problem was that we were standing with a raging river on one side of us, and a pretty sheer cliff face on the other, and it looked like the cache was on top of the cliff! So we found a round-about way to scramble up there, and both got severely covered in mud and drenched through by the rain on our way up there.

Once we were up there we spent a good 20 minutes skidding around in the mud, trying to find this little box with only a geo cache to help us. Finally my boyfriend said "I think we should look over here," and pointed to a crack in the rock surface.

I told him "great, you look there, I'll go over here."

He seemed to really want me to climb down into the crack for some reason, but there was no way I was going down there, besides I had a pretty good idea that the cache was hidden somewhere else. I'm a stubborn little girl!

A few minutes later I heard a yell "I've found it!" He brought it up to show me, and he knelt down in frony of me with the box/cache. If you've guessed what he was up to at this, you're a lot smarter than me, because I had absolutely no idea!

So he was kneeling down, and I crouched down in front of him to see what was in the cache as well. He told me to open it, and when I did I saw a log book, which most caches contain, so I decided to read that first, and let him see what was in the box. Suddenly I heard him say my name, and when I looked up at him, he was holding a small wooden box in his hand.

My first thought was "Why would someone put a jewelry box in a geo cache?"

Then he said my full name and started to open the box, and I thought "He just found the jewelry box in there and is pretending to propose. That's funny!"

A split second later he opened it, I saw a diamond ring sparkling up at me and he was asking me to marry him! I was so happy and excited that I said "Yes" twice. We laughed and cried and kissed, then headed back down in the rain again, and I had to stop myself from stopping joggers to tell them what had happened. Six months later, we got married, and I have never been happier.
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I'm not one who generally enjoys proposal stories, but on a scale from 1-awesome, this is an 11.

That's beautiful!! :')

God bless you and keep you happy always

haha you're so blonde! I can just picture how clueless you looked:D

Do you ever tease your husband?

This is so beautiful that I just cried. I've been geo-caching since I was a little girl, and if someone ever proposed to me like this, I'd have just melted. Hope your marriage is going well. You have yourself a keeper!

great story... hope you still happy together... and good timing (date) to write your story

Totally unexpected and adventurous way to propose!

Great story!!!

Aw :) so beautiful!
So, so beautiful!
I wish both of you good luck and success :-)

Congratulations. I have a tear in my eye. What a wonderful husband you have.

This story seriously made tears well up in my eyes. Such a funny, beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

awww that is so cute!!

I want love like yours.

I love this story so much.. thank you for sharing.. we need more love and happiness like that in the world. pure joy.. :)

Thank you so much for posting this! It warms my soul!


I think the fact that romance is still very much alive, AND you're doing all that rock climbing as a senior makes me very encouraged about my future. Congratulations!!! Do you both still geo Cache?

Untill now, the best ever idea to propose I have ever heard!