The Day I Broke His Heart.

ever since the 8th grade i have liked this guy, we'll call him bill. we dated in middle school, then broke up. we got back together in high school an then broke up again. then, we got back together in college and then broke up, again.

we went to different colleges, i was in northern california and he was down in la. we'd date other people, but always managed to be single for the summer. since we grew up in the same town, we would always "re-kindle" are relationship for those 3 glorious months.

while all this was going down, i had a steady boyfriend up north. we really loved each other and things we starting to get serious. we knew that spending the summer apart would be detrimental to our relationship, so we would just break up for those 3 months.

one summer i didn't move home, but instead stayed up in chico with my boyfriend and took summer classes. that was the summer that bill came up to surprise me.

it was june. summer school just started and my friends and i were playing beer pong in the back yard, when somehow i heard a knock at the door. i ran out there and to my surprise it was bill, smiling, but i wasn't smiling.

i didn't want him and my boyfriend to meet or even know about each other so i sent my best friend to the back yard to cover for me while i went for a walk with bill. we walked down the street to this park. we sat on the bench and shared a cigg and then out of nowhere he busts out a gorgous ring and asks me to marry him.

i just looked at him, jaw dropped, until the question finally set in, then i laughed in his face. i didn't mean to be mean, it was just my first reaction at the time.

i lit another cigg and told him about my boyfriend and that i loved him and that i was sorry.

he said, "i should of called."
and left.
he just ******* left.

it's been two years and i still haven't seen him or talked to him. which is sad, cause he really was one of my best friends.

i saw his best friend at the bars the other night and he told me that bill stopped coming home for summer and that he didn't know why.

but i know why.
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3 Responses Jun 26, 2007

i broke my best friend's heart last night. feeling like absolute **** at work today, i randomly googled "broke best friend heart" maybe trying to find other guilty people<br />
anyway i joined this random site cuz i read your post.<br />
gut wrenched.

ouch! - yea - you smashed his heart.

It seems like you and Bill weren't quite on the same page.