Last Night


I am engaged!!!!

This was never a goal of mine per say but my boyfriend just proposed to me last night. I am so excited and also afraid to tell everybody because im not wearing my ring (i need to take it to be sized) gorgeous 1/4 carat white gold. I knew this was coming from my love I just wasnt expecting it this soon.

I do have questions though and would love to hear all of your opinions.

Is it okay that we dont have a date set yet?

Where do I find modern wedding dresses?

Any good resources on planning a small but lovely wedding on a budget.


Thank you all.

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Congratulations!!!! You do not need to set a date until you are ready. And Bu ready I mean you might want to be sure the hall-florist-caterer-photographer are save by YOU for that date. I wish I could help you plan your wedding. I'm getting good at it.

Congrats!!! Have fun and don't stress out! Everything will come together. I was just married and had a "country" wedding. Everything was homemade, which made it cheaper and a lot of wonderful memories. However, ebay does have custom made wedding dress for pretty cheap and they are nice. Also, check thrift stores, so many people try to sell their gown afterward.<br />
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I was engaged 2 years before we set the actual date. It took a while to get used to the "engaged" I was the girl who was never getting married. Don't rush the wedding. Enjoy every moment of it! Price check everything - craft stores, farmer's markets, internet everywhere! Wal-mart even has wedding items. Good Luck! Enjoy this special time!

Congratulations!! :) Good luck with the wedding planning!

I am so silly. I must add that my ring is 1/2 carat diamond. I dont know much about these things.

Congratulations! You might want to check e-bay for wedding dresses as well, there are some nice dresses for $50. I am not sure about quality, but as long as it looks nice, it only has to hold up for 8 hours. You could also look into renting a dress. When I first heard the idea I was against it, but the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense, because there is no real reason to have a wedding dress after you wear it. Some people say they want to save it for their daughter, but I would never want to wear my mother's wedding dress, and I have a feeling that the next generation will feel the same as I do....

If you have a David's Bridal nearby, you might want to go there for the bride's and maids' dresses. They usually have styles from a $99 rack to designer cuts of several hundreds of dollars. They also sell shoes so all your attending girls can match! They sell some accessories, and the one I went to, also had wedding music CD's and Start To Finish Planner Books! Good luck on the up coming marriage!