I was officically engaged Valentine's Day 2008. I'm glad to say I had no idea. My fiance and I had never really talked about marriage. I think we just always knew we were meant to be together. I also figured I would somehow always find out about the proposal by some slip. The day of, I had school and he had work. After he got off work, he headed to my apartment. We had planned to go out to dinner at Skates on the Bay since we still had a gift certificate from our friends we had recieved from Christmas. When he got to my apartment, I still hadn't gotton dressed because I was exhaused from a day of tests. He came into my room and sat on my bed and then I came and sat next to him. As soon as I went to sit down, he stood up quickly. He was acting pretty weird but I didn't really think anything of it. Apparently he had the ring in his pocket and he didn't want me to feel it and ask him what he had in there. Then I was joking around with him saying that I wasn't going to get all dressed up and he seemed WAY to adiment about me getting ready for dinner.

We headed to the resturant and there was a long wait because the place is pretty popular especially for holidays. I sat down while he want to go check on our reservation. Again, he was gone for quite a while but I figured he had to wait in line like everyone else wanting to check in. We got called to be seated and we just happened to get a table right by the window to view the bay. We had a drink with dinner and then ordered dessert. Right after the waitress took our order, the manager of the resturant delivered a box to our table. It obviously was a build-a-bear box. I also thought nothing of this because for our second Valentine's Day together, I went to build-a-bear and made him a bear with my voice recorded on it. From then on I constantly teased him by asking him when I would get mine. I opened the box and inside was a white bear with a raiders sweatshirt on and a box of chocolates in his hand. I then noticed it also had a voice mechanism in the hand of the bear. I proceded to push the hand on the bear. The recording said "Nicole, I love you so much. Will you marry me??" Right then my boyfriend got on his knee and pulled out the ring. I was so shocked I honestly didn't know what to say so my first reaction was "OMG are you serious?!?" and My fiance pretty much said duh, here's the ring or something like that. So I said yes and hugged him. Right after the proposal the waitress told us congratulations and brought us our dessert. I was so shocked that I couldn't even eat the dessert. I then found out that my fiance had been looking for the perfect ring for months with his sisters and mother. He wanted to propose to me on Christmas but had not found a ring he liked. He also had went to my grandparents house already and asked for permission to ask me to marry him. He also found the ring only a few days before Valentines Day. He had also already bought the bear but assumed he wasn't going to ask me to marry him if he didn't have the ring. So after he found the ring, he had to take the bear back, unsew it, record his voice again and stitch the bear back up. I had always figured it would never be a surprise when he proposed but I'm so glad it was. It was one of the best days of my life.

nicolieolie205 nicolieolie205
Mar 26, 2009