A Mistake Or A Blessing.....??

Well as u can imagine from the topic,..."a mistake or a blessing"....i am a girl who loves to hangout with the fum filled ppl, cheer,.jokes, bindaas kinda person....though at work am quite serious and dedicated..i believed in love at first sight and "made fo each other" theory from many movies like "dil to pagal hai"....etc, etc..but i knew from time that i culdnt ever find anyone like that person whom i would recognise an my "soulmate"!!....."Brida" was also a big contribution to my feelings and the way i felt about things....somehow,...being an indian girl, it wasnt possible for me to forget some things in our tradition..and once again i began to live,..forgetting my inner voices...until....the day i was returning from a picnic with my family.I was told that a family was coming home to see me, a proposal !Well, i dint know what was happening, but got dressed up and sat in my room.All went well until the time they wanted to see me...the power shut down!! well wen  had candles and emergency set up!!i knew it wasnt going in favor of me....felt sort of happy within..i could enjoy my single life for a while....!But they had alraedy selected me when they saw my pics..so i couldnt have changed their minds!The next day i was down with high grade fever, but was out shopping.we got a few dresses and got prepared for that evening..we were to go and see the groom!!Ice packs and paracetemols could only reduce the fever a little! It wasnt long before we were all seated neatly infront of the groom's party..quitely chatting...i glanced a peek at the "groom" with uneasiness, as everyone were taking snaps of me like reporters!!The next day ws to be an intimate ring ceremony for which my mother had invited her whole family!!Not before long, i was seated next to a guy i dint even know,...with a ring in my finger!First a few days,..i sat repenting and blaming my parents as to why they had agreed for this particular proposal....but as time went by,....i came to know that maybe this is the best thing ever to happen to me in my whole life.....!!now im engaged to him and yet to  be married as i have to finish my practise in medical field...maybe few months more to wait for my marriage..!!

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It's a bit odd to a Westerner, but it seems to work for you. So congratulations.
You are gorgeous, based on profile pic, bty.