Crazy Morning.

So this morning I woke up to my babes phone call is his early day so he was out of his cell very early this morning. I was dead tired. He woke up me we talked for a little I was still half asleep and he said "will you marry me?" and he says this often cause we just say it to each other for I don't know why. Because we love each other. But he's done this to me before and teased me and told me to go look in the mail box but nothing was there. But anyways. So on the phone this morning he asked me that. And of course I said yes and giggled. Then he said okay well go out back...and I said "nooo your just tricking me again" and he's like no sleepy head go out back. And I said no again because I was so tired and it's wet outside. But after the third time he asked I walked out of my room and my back door was wide open? So I walked out there I saw on my little table a pink rose and a little heart shaped box... and he asked again "Will you marry me?" I couldn't even believe it. I was in my big t-shirt and my undies my hair was a mess and I got all shaky. I grabbed the box and opened it and saw a beautiful ring in there. I told him yes and I put it on. My mom came out back and smiled and wanted to see what the ring looked like. He's the sweetest. He's so good to me and even though we're in a bad situation we're going to get through it. He's someone so perfect and special to me.. Great morning.
IM ENGAGED NOW! first AND ONLY engagement I'll ever be in <3____<3
roxy954 roxy954
Dec 11, 2012