My fiancé and I have just recently gotten engaged, we have been together 18months. I am 22, he is 32. We have shared this news with people close to us, supportive or not. However he is yet to tell his ex partner and their two children, girls 14yrs and 7yrs.
I suggested he tell the ex first so she feels respected and her importance as the mother of his kids is recognised. Should I be part of that conversation? Because we live in different countries it'll most likely be via text or email, is it wrong to ask my fiancé to read his email and her reply?

I am assuming I won't be part of the kids conversation but when I see them next how should I act? Should I say something?
I'm quite nervous.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

You should be nervous. 18 months is WAY too soon to be engaged.