Somewhat English

I'm a quarter English at least, but I'm not going to snub the Scots-Irish side by making it less (and who the hell knows with family trees, even royalty are confused sometimes it would seem).

The most prominently English names in my family tree include Walker, Treadway, Nichols (which could be German, too), Clark, and a goodly number of others of others.  A good number of them are ambiguously Scottish or Irish, so I give the benefit of the doubt in those cases to the Celts.

I seem to have some English traits in my disposition, but I'm not sure what they'd be, except maybe tenacious stubbornness.
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Dragonessence<br />
Other admirable English traits are a sense of fairplay, freedom of speech and thought(sadly being eroded), and best of all, delight in seeing an underdog win.

I agree. I often wonder how it is that a genotype can for any length of time sustain the tendency to host the expression of a certain trait in a way that is more stable than other genotypes, at least in a certain context. It could be that some historical events facilitated that, but I think it is bigger than either genetic endowment or historical/experiential trigger/conditioning. I think it sometimes happens that large clusters of certain types of souls utilize certain gene pools, especially during important historical episodes, in order to accomplish certain tasks. I think character originates in the soul, and so such groups of souls will often thereby leave their mark on history and the gene pool simultaneously by temporarily possessing groups of humans in genetic/national proximity to each other. Likewise, such traits will begin to erode over time, as such souls will transmigrate according to the needs of changing conditions. The material bodies which host higher-dimensional qualities cannot sustain them independently, and so they erode.

For sometime they were so inbred they could not speak or read period

I agree, loyalty is a strong trait, and so is forgiveness. But with that forgiveness, God help him who proves unworthy of it. I don't like to carry around grudges, but I don't like to be taken for a fool when I'm being generous.

Oakley is a very strong English name also<br />
You got it right when you said stubbornness is an English trait. giggle<br />
But along with that stubborn dispositon comes a strong value of family, forgiveness and loyalty!!<br />