Way Out West

Yes,  I'm 100% English   Oh the blood of endless generations of Angles and Saxons courses through these veins, well obviously I'm sure there's a dash of Norman and Norse in there too, because of history - but as far as I know that's my ancestry - 100%

But I haven't lived in England for 15 years now, ever since I was lucky enough to be able to exchange central Birmingham for beautiful Cornwall   I love the coastline, I love the countryside, I love the peace that's still easy to find here, I love the beaches, I love my friends here, I just love it all  After years of growing up in the middle of Birmingham, when I first set eyes on my beloved Cornwall, it was love at first sight - the only time that's ever happened to me I can tell you! LOL! 

I love it here so much I wish I was Cornish!   

If you've never been here, you really should put it on your holiday wish list 

Dha weles 
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Cornwall is in England????