English Not British!

I really hate it when you get those equal ops forms and you have to tick White British. I was Born in England. I Live in England which is part of the British Isles yes, but I am English.
I cannot be British because for that to be so, my Mother would have had to be an extremely talented woman. She would have had to have given birth in all the countries in the British Ises, all at the same time, which isn't really possible is it?
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I so agree. I hate the term British and won't use it unless forced.

Great point.

This is well worth a look, and like most of his stuff it is very amusing.


If she had been quick you might have had an English head, Welsh shoulders . . . Okay, you are right. :)

You have a good debate going now but I am still British like you.

Nah...you\'re English!

I've heard English does not get along with Welsh or Scottish? Is that correct?

I don\'t know. Maybe. My next door neighbours are scottish and she\'s a snooty *****. I think if she was nice, I\'d get on with her though. It doesn\'t have anything to do with nationality.

One time I was chatting with a Welsh and when I refer to her as English, she got a bit upset and don\'t want to associate with the English people.

Scots and Welsh think they should be seperate nations...cut them loose and let them come back begging within two years...no loss to England.

Welsh in the south of wales are ok...ignorant people in north wales

I love that in a thread all about being proud of your English heritage, people are being snooty about those who are proud of being Welsh or Scottish. Jjoe01, SOME Welsh and Scottish (and Northern Irish) people have a chip on their shoulder about their nations\' past histories of being oppressed by the English. Others have no problem with English people at all, but quite reasonably take issue with being called English, which they aren\'t. English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish people are collectively British. British and English are not interchangeable; all English people are British (whether they like it or not), but not all British people are English.

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I am Welsh. I am also British.

Like I can be a woman and also a human- or Welsh and also European.

But Welsh, first and foremost.

Now this I agree with :o)

Do what I do ,hand write English on the form and tick it,Dont want to be British anymore as our government seems to be handing out British citizenship like confetti,to all the trash of the world.

Hmm, I understand your point

English or British...or both? so, how does one become British...be borne in Britain is the most likely way; ah but wait, you may have a point here...migrants seek British citizenship...not English, Scots or, God forbid Welsh (Spit on floor!). So only migrants can be British...case solved I think :-)

What\'s wrong with the Welsh?? I\'m part Welsh and that bit of me is cool, not as good as the English bit of course lol... :o)

South Wales is fine...north Wales full of ignorant people with a chip on their shoulders

Lol, I have family mid to north wales - Machynlleth, yes I see the \"resist English rule\" slogans but they are proud of their heritage and culture. They are no different to me in that respect... I guess I have a chip too :o)

You seem logical and reasonable...no apparent chip :-)

Lol, I am relieved!

I`m sure you are a nice person...and you are only part Welsh I think? you can be on our side of the wall when it gets built! :-)

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Giggle your splitting hairs dear. I love it.

Ha ha, I don\'t it\'s one of my bugbares like toilet rolls on the wrong way round lol :o)

I have been known to become quite hostile over the incorrect hanging of the toilet paper. As a result nobody will change the roll they just leave a started one on the shelf... cowards

Please tell me the flap part hangs to the front lol, otherwise I would be at war with you ladies!

Lol, it really winds me up if I find it done wrong, I end up changing it so it\'s done right :o)

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You are British like me and get used to it, no such thing as English unless you are an American Tourist looking for his English Heritage.

No I am English

Get used to it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You are British and that is OK.

Noooo!!!! That is four countries. I was only born in one of them.

Knickers, Timothy...if you are borne in England you are English mate...says so on your passport?

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Born in London, live in London and work in London and proud to be British.
I can trace my roots back for years and I am British White.
Have a look at your British Passport it states:
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, no mention of England, Wales or Scotland, get over it as you are British.

No. I wasn\'t born in all those countries, only England although I accept that England is part of the British Isles it is impossible for a person to come from ALL of those countries. It\'s the same as saying you come from France and Germany and Belgium and Italy just because those countries are next to each other. The countries of Great Britain are very different, we have different cultures and even different languages. We deserve individual recognition and the right to be proud of where we come from. I am well aware of what my passport does say but that doesn\'t mean I agree with it!

Soon the British passport will just say EU and that is that, you will be like me a nobody like the rest of our fellow English people.
A failed European race that is controlled from Belgium.

I never voted them in

Very well said indeed

It really annoys me when you see things like "London England" with the union flag next to it and not the flag of St.George.....sort it out Boris!

I\'ve not seen that but yes, that would annoy me too!

Yes you even have to declare now if you are the same sex you were born with but are not allowed to recognise your birthright to be English

Think you have a choice,think it's all a load of nonsense so never fill those forms in,none of their business if I am gay ,straight or what colour, it just feeds in to it their agenda ,what ever that is.

Sometimes, you have no choice over filling the form in if you need to claim a benefit or something, especially on line forms, if you miss it out, it highlights it in red and won't let you move on to the other parts of the form :o(

Hi yes on going to see my bro in AUS I have to fill in a form on the plane before landing as to where I am from so I say england and they say not right it needs to be the UK why? I am english have been for 60 years and I wiil not conform to their ways .

Because they want to know which sovereign state you're from. If your brother was going the other way they wouldn't accept "New South Wales" or "Victoria", either.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country#Sovereignty_status -- "Although not sovereign states, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are sometimes paradoxically referred to as separate countries, even though collectively they form the country known as the United Kingdom."

So it was you that changed the way Equal Opps forms are now worded, wondered who was behind the switch from white/british to white/Caucasian.


I had no idea. I thought British and English were synonymous. Thanks for letting me know I was working under inaccurate information:-)

This page is rather good for explaining the difference in more detail than you could ever want.


Realistically none of us can call ourselves purely English. The original inhabitants of these islands came from what is now mainland Europe and Africa. Then over the years the original Britons were invaded by the Vikings, the Romans and the French amongst others who all ultimately married and bred with Britons diluting the blood line. On top of that you have to remember that the Roman army in particular was made of uf troops from all over the Empire rather than just Italian recruits. So the reality is that if you examine our genetics none of us are pure Britons and are a mixture of northern European races.

Even ignoring ancient history my grandfather on my dad's side was Welsh and he married a woman who was part Welsh, part Irish and she also claimed to be Cornish. I don't know much about the background of my mum's parents but believe they were mainly English. I was born and bred in England and have always lived here but certainly don't consider myself purely English. If we split the union up then I would choose and Egnlish passport but could also equally consider myself Welsh...

Well I understand that, have a pretty good grasp of the history of our country but I'd rather call myself English than British, Britain is made up of four countries. Every other country seems to be proud of their nationality, why should I not be proud of mine?

I'm not saying you can't be I'm just saying there are very few of us who can genuinely claim to be English through and through. I've spent years winding up Northern Irish who claim to be British but it's clearly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so they must be Northern Irish because it's a separate entity to Great Britain. Also wind up a mate who supports Scotland in sport even though I'm more Welsh than he is Scottish and I always support England.

I think home should be where your heart is :o)

Indeed and that's why home to me is always the little corner of the Sussex countryside I grew up in even though I've lived in London for most of the last 12 years!

No I wouldn't adust to being in London either, country girl at heart :o)

"it's clearly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so they must be Northern Irish because it's a separate entity to Great Britain." Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles, just like Gran Canaria is the largest of the Canary Islands. British either means "UKan" or it means "from the British Isles" (though people from Eire obviously don't like the latter definition), there's no logic in it meaning "From the island of Great Britain as opposed to Northern Ireland."

So on that basis if NI is part of Britain there's no need to refer to it separately in the name of the country.

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I agree with you proud to be English first Brit second . If I remember correctly Scotlands total population is similar to Londons .

I'm English to but hate England now

Oooh you shouldn't hate your country, sure we have made lots of mistakes in recent years but still no reason to turn your back on it :o)

I am embarrassed to admit to being British or English because the politics leaves alot to be desired so I am Rhodesian or Southern African .they say home is where the heart is well born and bred in africa .

Sadly I have to agree with you :o(

Always look for that box what says other or space to write English. All the other parts of the uk seem to be so proud of there flag. I was in cornwall and they have the cornish flag flying proudly and they class them selves as cornish. With the exception of the grockles of course. Glad we never got totally in to the EEC or we would be just Europeans

You're perfectly free to be proud of being English. Nobody is trying to stop you. Show me a form that gives you the options "Scots, Northern Irish, Welsh, or British" and I'll happily agree with you that it's a stupidly worded form.<br />
<br />
The fact is, your -nationality- is British, because your country is the United Kingdom. "England" isn't in the UN. England doesn't have a government, a head of state, or a single embassy abroad. England doesn't issue passports. It wouldn't matter how proud a resident of Texas, Manitoba, or Bavaria you were, you'd have to put "American", "Canadian" or "German" in the box that asked for your nationality.<br />
<br />
If you identify more with England than Britain, that's fair enough, but to say that you're "not British" is ridiculous unless you're planning to revoke your citizenship. You're both.


EP !!! Brilliant

Well said! I'm Irish. Terra firma doesn't lie :)

You are right to feel proud, you have a beautiful country :o)

Thank you! (she says taking credit *giggles*). Also the Kingship of Ulster has more folklore stories than any other on the island, which I like :)

I am English, but politically england doesnt exist, parliament is british and represents all parts of Britain, if the scots do decide independence is the way to go, it will create some strange issues. Being English and British became the same because the English were and are the dominant force in British isles (using the geograpghical term)

Not to me, I consider myself English because of where I live, my culture, what I believe in, our countries history and more besides, politics is just something that is decided and mostly beyond my control so it doesn't have any inpact over who I am as a person.

Be really weird if Scotland is independent and NI is still British, considering the shared history of the two. I wonder if NI would ever consider breaking from Britain to join Scotland? Something tells me not, given the trouble caused by someone deciding to not fly the British flag quite as often on a government building.

I live in Germany and the thing that really ****** me and our Scotish, Welsh and Northern Irish cousins off is that everything British to them is English. My Daughter was shouted down by her English teacher when she tried to explain that the Union Flag is not the English Flag! When I confronted the teacher for making my Daughter look dumb in front of her Classmates she explained that all the school books are written this way and she has to do what the book says! She wasn't too impressed when I told her that believing everything you read in a book got her Country in to trouble 60 years ago. But she wouldn't budge, so all German kids will be upseting us in the future when they learn our language!

lol, that is equally wrong. You did the right thing with that teacher, I would have done the same. :o)

Go back a few centuries and the constituent parts of what is now the United Kingdom (just to spanner it all a bit) would have been at each other's throats on a regular basis. England decided it wanted to have Scotland as well, the Scots, naturally, declined to play ball and played the unruly neighbour and the Welsh have been stubbornly independant for ever... Oh and Northern Ireland has its own bucket of issues, mailnyl concerned with not being on the mainland and being a small, isolated part of an otherwise independant country . None of this is straightforward - and bung in the fact that since some French dude pitched up here around 1066, we have been as near French as English anyway...Or German...Scandinavian or Latin if you include previous visitors to these shores... Just what IS an English person anyway?<br />
<br />
I think the sporting arena sums up the whole casserole quite well - football (soccer for you descendants of Uncle Sam) we have the four home nations, in all competitions. Likewise at the Commonwealth Games. At the Olympics we are Great Britain. And there is opposition to there being a GB soccer team for one bloody fortnight in 2012! In rugby union, we have the home nations; the british and Irish Lions play tours here and there because they can and it's bloody good rugby! As rugby league we have the constituent parts but team GB plays in some competitions. In cricket, we I think still have the English & Welsh Cricket Board - despite the Welsh bit being confused somewhat - Glamorgan is a FIrst Class county in the domestic game whereas Wales and Scotland are treated as non-entities in many respects; treated as minor counties and in the second division of international cricket. <br />
<br />
Politically, we have a Parliament at which Scottish and Welsh MPs represent their cosnituencies in London - while both countries also have devolved assemblies and make regular noises and threats to wander off and run their own affairs. <br />
<br />
Socially, England DOES seem to make far less fuss about patriotism; the Scottish and Welsh saints days are respected - ask 100 people when St George's day is and maybe 60% will know; so it IS less fashionable to cry "For England, Harry & St George" these days without getting stern looks. Anyone who promotes England, English patriotism, customs, way of life, does tend to get hammered. Why? Because political correctness seems to favour the little people; the underdog, the neighbour. And as all of the historical high points for this island nation of ours tended to have the English kicking seven bells out of the colonials, England gets the bad press. <br />
<br />
Finally and personally; I have (for want of a better term) dual nationality. One English and one Scottish parent. So I am British. Despite having actually lived in England all of my life; I am a Brit. English and Scottish. And confused...So when Scotland defeat England in the Calcutta Cup (google it folks) I cheer as loudly as anyone in Edinburgh. Shoudl England win the World Cup, I Will claim that too! <br />
<br />
It is all a glorious, cosmopolitan mess but a beautiful, wondrous place to live.

But you are not. You are English. You were born in England it is your herritage that is British, like mine is part Welsh so I am English first but of British herritage.

Only in England would they get away with that! Flying the English flag is supporting the country, if you are not in support of the country then you should be here. Is THAT racist?<br />
<br />
BluMaxx: You're right, my Mother is an incredible woman :o)

My kids live in Texas, I am English living in Staffordshire. Every St Georges day he takes down the US flag that flys on the pole outside their house and hoists the St Georges cross for the day. Not one person around them complains as they they all know he is English and see it as him being patriotic.

A so they shouldn't either. :o)

ukitguy, that is the way it should be

Your Mother was (or is) an incredible woman :)

I noticed that in general, most British people call themselves either Irish, Scottish or Welsh unless they are English. I haven't heard many English people want to state that they are English and they will say British instead. I always wonder why, I am very proud to be English and I want people to know that. I will fly the St George flag on St Georges day and not just for footballl matches and I don't care about how much opposition you get. My Husband is a taxi driver, he has been told by council officials, he is not allowed to display the St George flag in his taxi in case it is offensive to anyone. I think thats wrong, they are in England. Nobody should be offended by the English flag if they are in England!

yes, here in america we have a lot of poltical bull/s going on about the rebel flag , calling it racist , its NOT! it represents a culture of southern americans .... not one race against the other!!!

Exactly. It really annoys me when people call the race card on that. Real racism is totally unacceptable and probably one of the most horrific crimes a person can commit against another, but whilst we allow this rubbish about flags to keep happening, the people who are actually suffering racism are getting forgotten. There is too much talk and interference about things that are about politics and not racism and it needs to stop.

obbo21 u nailed it !

robert to quote a california saying.... i totally agree!

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What if you had to say you were from either America, Peru, Brazil or Columbia? What if those countries were grouped together and given a new name to explain the group, how would you want to identify yourself?<br />
Of course we are multi Cultural in England just like everywhere, I am all for people keeping their culture alive and it is absolutely right that they have the opportunities to do so. It is right that English people learn about other cultures but I feel like if you are English, Christian and White, then those opportunities are slowly being removed though. I don't think that's fair.

id give the quick, short answer..... i would say im American

well that is why I prefer to be called English first, British second.

<p>well lets see, im American cause I was born on a American territory ( Agana Guam) its an island on the pacific Mariana chain.<br />
my culture from my parents are American southern, but iv lived in southern calif. most my adult life, so I lean towards a calif way of living/ life style. <br />
<br />
but since I lived in 8 different states growing up, so there fore.....have the experience of living in multi cultures / states. my son is half Latin ( Spanish ) so I have that culture to consider in the mix.........the mix would also include the nordic, blonde, blue eyed, since that is my blood line, it gets to be a bit confusing</p>

I think that everyone should have the right to state which country they are from. The equal opportunities form doesn't give you the "opportunity" to acknowlege you true ancestry and heritage if you are British. I don't agree with that.

I am British, I was born in London and live in London, I am white and can trace my ancestors back to 1710, we are all white no immigrants married into the family. we have always lived in England and we are all British.

Why are you not proud to say you are English. What is there to be ashamed of?

Me too, it's not that I think the English are any better than anyone else but I am proud to be English and want to be identified as such.

There are actually only 3 countries which make up GB and 4 which make up the UK. The fact is that they're all British because England made it so. That's why it's something to be proud of, but as I say, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being English - just don't forget that being British is also something to be proud of.

I guess I can say I am proud also of being British, it's just I am concerned by the fact that the authorities appear to be sweeping all origins of our heritage under the carpet in a bid to make way for political correctness. That is why I do everything I possibly can to keep all that our men fought for alive, including stating that I am English above being British.

I always find this an interesting argument. You are English yes. 100%. You are also British 100%. Not because you were born in the British Isles but because you were born in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The history of our United Kingdoms is a fascinating one and helped shape the modern world. You can be proud of the role that the Mother country (England) played in the formation of the United Kingdom as well as being proud to be English and I would defend your right (and have done) to say you are English and British.

I can't see why they group us all together, there are four different countries making up GB and they are all unique and the people are unique, they even speak a different language in some cases so why we all get identified together is beyond me.

You are British the state says so.

Long live England!!!!

Why if you ask a Scottish person what nationality he is, he will say Scottish, the Welsh will say Welsh, the Irish are proud also to be Irish but you are English yet you say British? Why is that? If you are from a recent immigrant family but born in England, I understand you may prefer to call yourself British-croatician or whatever but if you are English and you have English family, you should be proud to say you are English.

I have read all the debate and I am still BRITISH, not ENGLISH.

I am definitely English whatever society may say!!

I am patriotic to my country and I want to keep my culture alive. There's nothing wrong with that. I am not British, I am English. As I said in my original story, it is not physically possible to be native to four different countries and I feel that failing to acknowledge your country is failing to acknowledge part of what makes up your identity. <br />
People from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are all very different. There are different things that are important to us. We have a different language, different culture, different laws, and different currancy. It really annoys me that this isn't acknowledged the same as it seems a crime to acknowlege Christianity too.

I am Scottish, what is your problem with being British, I often wonder what your English brains think about.

I was born and bred in London, I still live in London.<br />
I am British and do not mind being called British.<br />
Have a look at your passport, it states:<br />

With ordinary man on the street, alot of it is just ignorance, not everyone can know the placings of every country in the world and know what language it's inhabitants speak, it can be confusing. My biggest issue is with official forms that seem to refuse to acknowlege my true identity. Confusion or ignorance cannot be the cause of this if people get facts right before the forms are implimented. There must be another darker reason we are pushed into stating we are British rather than English and frankly, I find it rather offensive.

<p>getting back to red neck ............. well I was raised by red necks, I broke away from the tribe..... so they see me as someone who is some what of a out cast......... I was not raised in the red/n region, my father was in the military so I was exposed to other cultures..... but they do seem to be a special group of people in culture, speech ,foods..... <br />
<br />
by Joe Bageant, author of Deerhunting With Jesus wrote <br />
<br />
The essentials of redneck culture were brought to America by what we call the Scots Irish, after first being shipped to the Ulster Plantation, where our, uh, remarkable cultural legacy can still be seen every 12 July in Ireland. Ultimately, the Scots Irish have had more of an effect on the American ethos than any other immigrant group. <br />
One red neck that comes to mind is Malcolm Mc Lean he invented the metal containers you see on ships for storage..... he got pisst off from having to wait in line to place his shipment on the cargo ship, drove his truck right on board the ship and more or less said..... ok there ya go ............and from that the metal containers for shipping and storage on ships were made,</p>

How can you have Scots Irish? Surely a person is either Scottish or Irish?

the Scots/ Irish was taken out of context. abbreviated to mean two different cultures, who had the same level of influence in America, and you are able to see part of that influence in Ireland

Hee hee, yes English Language is like "more tea Vicar?" where British Language is more like "ay up mi duck, ows it going mi owd china?" I'd stick to English if I were you! :o)

I always wondered about this, being someone from the Caribbean, good thing I studied "English language", and not "British Language"!

I don't think there is an equivalent for English or British "red necks"? I think we would probably say they are "common". Everyone is special, each of us have a unique gift to offer if you take time to look for it so, either way, its a horrible thing to say. Even the tiniest cog is necessary in a huge machine. :o)

Rednecks are presumably ignorant low IQ people within the US. It's a term of class prejudice. It's often applied inaccurately to people who don't fit that desc<x>ription, especially by liberals attacking conservatives. (E.g., lickitysplit, one of the 3 brightest people on EP and the most accomplished that I'm aware of--he's a corporate executive, maybe CEO--was once called a redneck by an EP liberal.) When black people use the term it also becomes something of a racial slur.

What are "red necks" like? I've heard it used and thought it was slang and somewhat of a put down?

No it's not true. Great Britian is an island which forms a group of countries and many smaller islands. It is NOT a country in it's own right.

thanks for your reply..........i also found this was wondering what your thoughts on this one is .....&gt;Great Britain (is not) recognized as a separate country in modern times, but rather that term politically describes the combination of England, Scotland, and Wales.

"Great Britain" is still used by some to mean the country of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." However, and more correctly, Great Britain is today simply the largest island within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Reply by gypsyblu Sep 8th, 2011 at 8:10AM <br />
robbi you have a point there, but I always wonder why not educate ur self ............. in Los/A we have a huge minority group .......but decade after decade they stay right with their "hood" as they call it, doing illegal gang activity, god help us if they get pist off to much, then they turn to burning the city down........ <br />
<br />
you can find third generations of Mexicans still talking and acting like they just came across the border ..... I would not raise a child in Los/A no way !! not with the mentality that goes along with most the kids here ............ <br />
<br />
in the 70's the laws were changed to let children from minority/ lower incomes go to the schools that were not available to them, it was called "desegregation" you know what happened? they brought their gang mentality with them...................... next thing you know,riots began, <br />
<br />
I know, cause I was stuck right in the middle of that crap in the high school I went to, the national guard was called in to campus........... if you were blonde, blue eyed, like my self, you were a threat to the minority kid, so they went after you with knifes, intimidation etc<br />
<br />
they want money from the gov cause of their ancestors treatment............. that same grp raise their children to think in the "slave" mentally..... oh take care of me, pay me, why? cause im a ancestor of a slave............hell, so were many whites in colonial times, it was called indigent servitude....... <br />
<br />
they were, and still are raised like they are the victims," slave mentailty".. you should never for get !!! where you came from.................... but get over it and relize its a new day, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing,<br />
<br />
you can witness the thug mentaily in their music videos............they have brought that same gang mentally to the music business................. you often hear of them killing each other do to jealousy.... one has more musical hits than the other, better looking women, bigger and better house/cars, better drugs ..... its all combative...... <br />
<br />
since im whiter then most white people, which makes me a stand out target, i get that thug treatment from them (not always, but enough times to where it has made an impression on me.) any ways point is, why not get educated.......stop thinking in a thug mentality!

An Iranian gentleman who had moved to England when he was two once pointed out to me that there is no such thing as multi-culturalism in the sense of many cultures successfully living together and I have to agree with him. What happens is your own culture is eroded away, you no longer have the culture you were born to have because it is changed so that you blend in with wherever you happen to be. <br />
English and Americans are no longer culturally true to their country because we have also adapted, partly due to exposure to different cultures but also to avoid offending migrants. Everyones culture is changing as each year goes by.<br />
I think there is a great deal of resentment festering because of this and that might account for the rioting. People want a better standard of living and greater choice and freedom but there is a price to pay eventually.

here in America they riot and burn down cities......<br />
<br />
not all cites, Los Angeles is well known for riots and burning down the city ..its mostly the so called minorities with no education who do so ..... <br />
<br />
I guess they feel like that's the only way to say....... hey im pist off and do something bout it ........

I 110% agree, it insenses me when English behave badly like that.

I completely understand where you are coming from. I am 100% English, there is no Northern Irish, Welsh or Scottish blood in me. The Welsh, the Scotts and the Northern Irish people that I have met or know are very proud people and only see themselves as the country they were born in. It's about time English people started to feel pride in their country unless they are an embarassment to us (drink too much and make a fool of themselves abroad, create riots and loot their own country, graffit all over the place like it is the norm, hurt others within their own country or damage property, steal from their own etc.)

yes, I cant tell a Swede from a Dutch or Norwegian from a Finland and at times a German, until i speak with them...... same goes for the Asians....... i cant tell one Asian culture from the other.... as i understand the middle east is migrating to the blonde, light skin countries to escape their war torn country. there is a lot of concern of losing their blonde d-n-a

I agree with the original poster that I want the option to call myself English. In fact there are two things which tend to merge. One is nationality, and the other is ethnicity. If the country is the UK or GB then there is a case for ticking "British" if what is asked for is nationality. But if it is ethnicity that the form is after, then there should be the option of "English". <br />
<br />
It always used to annoy me that there were sub-categories for Black but none for White, as if White wasn't interesting -- meaning just boring indigenous, equivalent to anyone from California to Vladivostok, whereas the different sub-categories of Black (African, West Indies,) had to be separetely counted out of deference to the minority. The same was true of the Indian sub-continent sub-categories. However I see the other point of view as well. Why are these ethnicities called "Asian"? That must be annoying for them as Asia is a massive continent comprising all sorts of ethnicities.

yes, i dont call my self nordic white or white american lol .............. iv been told, if i do, then im being to proud ........... god for bid ! that i like being white or promote my white culture, its to bias as i understand............. not to many of us blonde white skin, blue eyed people left compared to other cultures.

essexnick said&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; It always used to annoy me that there were sub-categories for Black but none for White, as if White wasn't interesting -- meaning just boring indigenous, equivalent to anyone from California to Vladivostok, whereas the different sub-categories of Black (African, West Indies,) had to be separetely counted out of deference to the minority...................gypsy said...&gt; i like that comment good point!!! i agree

Being English is having English parents….We are not British. Scottish is having Scottish parents. They are not British. Great Britain is an Island that comprises of 4 countries..England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Island.<br />
To be classed as British you could have been born in any of the 4 countries that make up Britain but your parents would have migrated here.

wow im really learning a lot here ,,,,

Great Britain is England, Scotland &amp; Wales ONLY... The British Isles are England, Scotland, Wales &amp; ALL of Ireland... The United Kingdom is England, Scotland, Wales &amp; the north of Ireland :)

I have many different heritages, if you want to break it down ..........<br />
iv lived in different cultures do to the military, and marrying into a different culture out side my own.....I was born over seas,(agana guam) raised by parents who grew up in a total different culture than I did.....white southern..... <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
since they raised me, I consider their culture part of who i am.... peeling back the la<x>yers, im multi heritage...

I guess if I really looked into it, then I would be a mix of other countries too, not just England but I am proud of my country, I'd prefere to be labeled English rather than British which is a group of four countries last I checked

actually you have about 8 countries making up the british Isles and England is just one!

Britain is only England, Scotland and Wales; the UK is England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

ash, yes, after reading all the comments about britain .. im beginning to belive it depends, on time of day, what year it is, temperature of the day,on what anser youwill end up with..

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here in America, depending on whom you speak with ............ have a tendency to pile England into being English, British and part of the European culture

talk about being able to mimic, i too find my self doing that when i speak to people in minnasota or the south or the hi islands.. why? cause iv lived in those places

Lighten up English! It is just a form that makes it convenient to be used in all the British Isles, not just in Dear Old England. My forefathers were English, but now we are Americans and you need to grow up. You are certainly old enough by now!

Why is it immature to be patriotic to your country?

I'm ENGLISH and proud I to hate this british thing which incidently implys that all IRISH are british,which their not as they got independance.

Northern Irish, yes. No-one's calling the Irish "British".

Im English and I dont mind being called British because that is just my preference but can understand why it would irritate people as these forms are so specific about everything else. The last job application asked the question "Was you the same gender as what you were at birth?" WTF sort of question is that! lol


If it's immature to be patriotic then that means the majority of the American population is immature. Also, wanting to be recognised as a country instead of being the UK isn't exactly bad; I mean, Canada is on the same island as America, but you still call them Canadians, you call the Brazilians just that, not American the same goes for the Mexicans. Why should it be any different for us just because we want to be called what we actually are, and that is English, not British. There is no British language ANY MORE therefore, we cannot be British, only in terms of the Island. English first, what ever else after.

the bit starting from 'Also' on the second line was directed at pirate00776

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I completely understand your sentiment, but are you also implying that you are really an English rather than a British nationalist (i.e. you do not care anything about the U.K. and wish that England was a nation unto itself, despite the fact that England is the "powerhouse" of the U.K.)?

No, I care about the whole entire world and all of the people in it. I hate having to be singled out but if I have to be, then English is what I am.

I see what you are saying.

"londoner" ..... hmmmmmmm interesting

let's not pick at small inconsequentials ... you are the world ... which is also part of the universe

the mad ... oh that universe thing ya iv heard that universe comment thing all my life........ in the 60's it was popular to say child of the universe ..........

You are English due to being born in England but as England is part of the British Isles so your British and as Part of Europe so you could be European!

I didn't know British and English were two different agendas............. its like Spanish and Latin i guess....

Actually, the British never used to think of themselves as being like other Europeans, referring to them as "Continental."

anonymous..... INTRESTING comment ........... i dont live over there, im way over here on the other side of the pond............

But if I have to be pigeon holed, then I would prefer it to be "English" because that relates to me. I have no idea what life is like for the Irish, Scottish or the Welsh. I don't live there, nor do I speak any of their languages. It is the same as the rest of Europe or any other country, they are not part of my experience other than the fact that we are all human.

We are not actually part of Europe &amp; being English is when you have English parents. British is when your parents are foreign but u were born in the UK

As described, Britain describes the group of islands off the European coast (we are part of Europe) but the majprity of us are English being born on the mainland in the south, t be Scottish you are born north of border between England and Scotland, and to be Welsh you are born on the western "lump" of the British Isles between England and our neighbour across the Irish Sea, Ireland.

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These forms make me hopping mad ..

orange why ?

Me too :o)

Good point.<br />
<br />
I was born in Canada... doesn't make me a North American.<br />
<br />
And being Australian doesn't make me "Asian Pacifican"... we may be an island, but we're as much a country as any other!

As I understand its the Philippines who want to be called "Asian Pacifican they are trying to separate them selves from the other Asians by calling them selves "Asian Pacifican .didnt know that aussies were ............

lip.... yes, i dont call my self north america...cause i live in america. ill use the phrase "north america" to refer to a region on a map.....

nah. don't generalize it Madame. I've never met a filipino who calls himself/herself an asian pacifican, and I've never even call myself as one. I didn't know that term. Yes, we are asians, but we don't "separate ourselves" to others, as you put it.

ron i know hu..i got that info from an artical i read,where the phil - are trying to separate them sevles from other asian....so not to blend in ...

sorry i replied late i just now found ur comment

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