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English Not British!

I really hate it when you get those equal ops forms and you have to tick White British. I was Born in England. I Live in England which is part of the British Isles yes, but I am English.
I cannot be British because for that to be so, my Mother would have had to be an extremely talented woman. She would have had to have given birth in all the countries in the British Ises, all at the same time, which isn't really possible is it?
RobertaSunset RobertaSunset 36-40, F 80 Responses Aug 16, 2011

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I so agree. I hate the term British and won't use it unless forced.

I`ve always wondered why "merkins" are always so proud of being american. It`s like us saying that we are proud of being European. I`m ENGLISH !!! Okay so it just happens to part of the British Isles wich shares our sovreign lady, which also happens to (not always to our wishes) part of Europe.

Great point.

This is well worth a look, and like most of his stuff it is very amusing.

If she had been quick you might have had an English head, Welsh shoulders . . . Okay, you are right. :)

You have a good debate going now but I am still British like you.\'re English!

I've heard English does not get along with Welsh or Scottish? Is that correct?

I don\'t know. Maybe. My next door neighbours are scottish and she\'s a snooty *****. I think if she was nice, I\'d get on with her though. It doesn\'t have anything to do with nationality.

One time I was chatting with a Welsh and when I refer to her as English, she got a bit upset and don\'t want to associate with the English people.

Scots and Welsh think they should be seperate nations...cut them loose and let them come back begging within two loss to England.

Welsh in the south of wales are ok...ignorant people in north wales

It`s not us English ! It`them that do not for some reason like us. I can`t think why.

I love that in a thread all about being proud of your English heritage, people are being snooty about those who are proud of being Welsh or Scottish. Jjoe01, SOME Welsh and Scottish (and Northern Irish) people have a chip on their shoulder about their nations\' past histories of being oppressed by the English. Others have no problem with English people at all, but quite reasonably take issue with being called English, which they aren\'t. English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish people are collectively British. British and English are not interchangeable; all English people are British (whether they like it or not), but not all British people are English.

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I am Welsh. I am also British.

Like I can be a woman and also a human- or Welsh and also European.

But Welsh, first and foremost.

Now this I agree with :o)

Do what I do ,hand write English on the form and tick it,Dont want to be British anymore as our government seems to be handing out British citizenship like confetti,to all the trash of the world.

Hmm, I understand your point

English or British...or both? so, how does one become borne in Britain is the most likely way; ah but wait, you may have a point here...migrants seek British citizenship...not English, Scots or, God forbid Welsh (Spit on floor!). So only migrants can be solved I think :-)

What\'s wrong with the Welsh?? I\'m part Welsh and that bit of me is cool, not as good as the English bit of course lol... :o)

South Wales is fine...north Wales full of ignorant people with a chip on their shoulders

Lol, I have family mid to north wales - Machynlleth, yes I see the \"resist English rule\" slogans but they are proud of their heritage and culture. They are no different to me in that respect... I guess I have a chip too :o)

You seem logical and apparent chip :-)

Lol, I am relieved!

I`m sure you are a nice person...and you are only part Welsh I think? you can be on our side of the wall when it gets built! :-)

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Giggle your splitting hairs dear. I love it.

Ha ha, I don\'t it\'s one of my bugbares like toilet rolls on the wrong way round lol :o)

I have been known to become quite hostile over the incorrect hanging of the toilet paper. As a result nobody will change the roll they just leave a started one on the shelf... cowards

Please tell me the flap part hangs to the front lol, otherwise I would be at war with you ladies!

Lol, it really winds me up if I find it done wrong, I end up changing it so it\'s done right :o)

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You are British like me and get used to it, no such thing as English unless you are an American Tourist looking for his English Heritage.

No I am English

Get used to it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You are British and that is OK.

Noooo!!!! That is four countries. I was only born in one of them.

Knickers, Timothy...if you are borne in England you are English mate...says so on your passport?

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Born in London, live in London and work in London and proud to be British.
I can trace my roots back for years and I am British White.
Have a look at your British Passport it states:
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, no mention of England, Wales or Scotland, get over it as you are British.

No. I wasn\'t born in all those countries, only England although I accept that England is part of the British Isles it is impossible for a person to come from ALL of those countries. It\'s the same as saying you come from France and Germany and Belgium and Italy just because those countries are next to each other. The countries of Great Britain are very different, we have different cultures and even different languages. We deserve individual recognition and the right to be proud of where we come from. I am well aware of what my passport does say but that doesn\'t mean I agree with it!

Soon the British passport will just say EU and that is that, you will be like me a nobody like the rest of our fellow English people.
A failed European race that is controlled from Belgium.

I never voted them in

Very well said indeed

It really annoys me when you see things like "London England" with the union flag next to it and not the flag of St.George.....sort it out Boris!

I\'ve not seen that but yes, that would annoy me too!

Also, if it asks anything else at all, I write "YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ASK RACIST QUESTIONS" on the form. Anti-racism is the new racism. c it was got rid-of in the early 1970's now its all back under the guise of politically correct(ness).

I now write English on all forms I have to fill in, as 'British' can be bought for about $50 in any country. Murderous islamic killers claim to be from 'Britain', there is no way I would want to be in any way associated with such a lot of thugs.

Yes you even have to declare now if you are the same sex you were born with but are not allowed to recognise your birthright to be English

Think you have a choice,think it's all a load of nonsense so never fill those forms in,none of their business if I am gay ,straight or what colour, it just feeds in to it their agenda ,what ever that is.

Sometimes, you have no choice over filling the form in if you need to claim a benefit or something, especially on line forms, if you miss it out, it highlights it in red and won't let you move on to the other parts of the form :o(

Hi yes on going to see my bro in AUS I have to fill in a form on the plane before landing as to where I am from so I say england and they say not right it needs to be the UK why? I am english have been for 60 years and I wiil not conform to their ways .

Because they want to know which sovereign state you're from. If your brother was going the other way they wouldn't accept "New South Wales" or "Victoria", either. -- "Although not sovereign states, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are sometimes paradoxically referred to as separate countries, even though collectively they form the country known as the United Kingdom."

So it was you that changed the way Equal Opps forms are now worded, wondered who was behind the switch from white/british to white/Caucasian.


I had no idea. I thought British and English were synonymous. Thanks for letting me know I was working under inaccurate information:-)

This page is rather good for explaining the difference in more detail than you could ever want.

realistically nobody can say they are anything if you go back, one has to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

The reason I am ashamed to be English is: In England, free speech is gone, one has to pause when saying anything in case it may be construed by a person to offend somebody else who may be listening.(even if another person IS there and says they are not offended), I am not joking! - that is exactly the wording of the censorship law introduced by the last government. Also gone: the right to be tried by jury, the presumption of innocence, the right to be tried once-( now a person can be retried as many times it takes). And now: censorship of the press... Not exactly things to be proud of, now that several ex-dictatorships look to us as an example.

I now feel disgust and shame on what is done to the English by their politicians. The politically-correct have destroyed everything English that was of value. Listen to Edd Balls speech today and you will hear what I mean. This was done deliberately by criminals like him, to destroy the English, people he hates. He likes to pretend being 'multicultural' , which means accepting all other cultures. this is not possible to do in a country that is civilized. (Multiculturalism is the vengeance wrecked by those who fail to integrate).

Realistically none of us can call ourselves purely English. The original inhabitants of these islands came from what is now mainland Europe and Africa. Then over the years the original Britons were invaded by the Vikings, the Romans and the French amongst others who all ultimately married and bred with Britons diluting the blood line. On top of that you have to remember that the Roman army in particular was made of uf troops from all over the Empire rather than just Italian recruits. So the reality is that if you examine our genetics none of us are pure Britons and are a mixture of northern European races.

Even ignoring ancient history my grandfather on my dad's side was Welsh and he married a woman who was part Welsh, part Irish and she also claimed to be Cornish. I don't know much about the background of my mum's parents but believe they were mainly English. I was born and bred in England and have always lived here but certainly don't consider myself purely English. If we split the union up then I would choose and Egnlish passport but could also equally consider myself Welsh...

Well I understand that, have a pretty good grasp of the history of our country but I'd rather call myself English than British, Britain is made up of four countries. Every other country seems to be proud of their nationality, why should I not be proud of mine?

I'm not saying you can't be I'm just saying there are very few of us who can genuinely claim to be English through and through. I've spent years winding up Northern Irish who claim to be British but it's clearly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so they must be Northern Irish because it's a separate entity to Great Britain. Also wind up a mate who supports Scotland in sport even though I'm more Welsh than he is Scottish and I always support England.

I think home should be where your heart is :o)

Indeed and that's why home to me is always the little corner of the Sussex countryside I grew up in even though I've lived in London for most of the last 12 years!

No I wouldn't adust to being in London either, country girl at heart :o)

"it's clearly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so they must be Northern Irish because it's a separate entity to Great Britain." Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles, just like Gran Canaria is the largest of the Canary Islands. British either means "UKan" or it means "from the British Isles" (though people from Eire obviously don't like the latter definition), there's no logic in it meaning "From the island of Great Britain as opposed to Northern Ireland."

So on that basis if NI is part of Britain there's no need to refer to it separately in the name of the country.

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I agree with you proud to be English first Brit second . If I remember correctly Scotlands total population is similar to Londons .

I'm English to but hate England now

Oooh you shouldn't hate your country, sure we have made lots of mistakes in recent years but still no reason to turn your back on it :o)

I am embarrassed to admit to being British or English because the politics leaves alot to be desired so I am Rhodesian or Southern African .they say home is where the heart is well born and bred in africa .

Sadly I have to agree with you :o(

Always look for that box what says other or space to write English. All the other parts of the uk seem to be so proud of there flag. I was in cornwall and they have the cornish flag flying proudly and they class them selves as cornish. With the exception of the grockles of course. Glad we never got totally in to the EEC or we would be just Europeans