White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Bzzzz Yes There Is A W.a.s.p.'s Nest In My Family Tree!

My  beloved Grandfather (Grouch) was of English Heritage.  Both of his parents and all of his ante-descendants as far back as 1775 were English.  What is truly unique is that we are double related!  A brother and sister and their spouses were brother and sister, so we became related twice to each side of the family!  Most of this particular branch moved to the United States.  There are around twenty of us left in Canada!

The first Sunday of August each year we gather in either Michigan or Ontario for our Annual Family Reunion and take over a large portion of a park!
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That sounds like my husband's family....when his folks and their folks got married there were only 2 families around so they married, got divorced and married others. That makes my husband double cousins with several of his families.<br />
God I get a headache when they they discussing how they're related lol

LOL I so hear you!