Bring It On!!!!

This is a real short story... the sad hurt and misserable me that wrote the last story is thankfully gone, its a new year and its a new start, everything for a reason has always been something i believe in and there is no point dwelling on the **** bits life throws at you, life is just to short, this is one womble who is not looking back, whats done is done and hopefully i learned something from it. lol time will tell if i did. Anyway my point is this: :-) The RAGEWOMBLE is BACK!!!
ragewomble ragewomble
36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 11, 2012


you have the words 'rage' and 'womble' in your name. Therefore you will succeed in all life has to offer!

:) or die tryin.. thanks.

I've got an EP rabbit hole, but really I want to make it a commune, bit anarcho syndicalist, bit womble. I shall ponder further... ragewomble.

hmmm ok.. ejoy your pondering.. let me know the outcome :)

Grrrrr...u sound searious and mean! Lol...good for u. Fyi, being we have had text miscommunication in the past...the grrrr....was in no way meant to be anything other than a funny growl, nothing else intended..jazzy does it way better anyway. Haha.

:) *chucklin* thanks..