And Proud Of It!

Born in Edgware, North London - grew up there. Moved to Sheffield in mid-70's. Emigrated to Christchurch, New Zealand in 88. Back to London in 96. Wakefield then Chesterfield in 97. Emigrated to USA in 99. California. Arizona in 2002. North Carolina in 2007. New Jersey in 2010.

I have major respect for the USA, it is a very special place and I might have been around but I am ENGLISH through and through.
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born in London moved out to suffolk,then to Essex and back to Suffolk constable country has some good views and great churches etc.

Wonderful - I am jealous

If your ever this was sing out and will nhappily guide you around Constable country

Oh wow i know Edgware really really well ;) .. and wow you, it must be awesome to have had the opportunities to experience life in all these wonderful places :)

It is but it comes with a very high personal price tag that I am paying for now

spent many years in my youth in England..loved it.. I am an aussie, but have british heritage... i miss the green fields!

I miss many things - ranging from churches to Bovril !

You keep emigrating and returning. <br />
A love hate relationship with home?

Shrewd question. Yes, I think that is part of it .. I can definitely see what I hate (with passion) and love (with an ache) about England. How long do you have?!!

Younger, I thought my roaming was brave and romantic. I have seen the world and met so many wonderful people. But now? Oh, I realize the price and as they say, the piper must be paid.
Thanks for taking an interest. Take care.

I've spent most of my life hating my country and running away from it. Now, I feel a small yearning for it. It is inexplicable.

I know how that feels