Going Out With My Dad As A Girl

on Halloween when i was 18 my Dad asked me if i would like to tend bar with him at the Men's Club Halloween Dance and i jumped at the chance. he said what was i going to wear and i said i was coming as a sexy girl, great he said. Mother said she and her friend would get me all dressed up for the dance. now i had been raised as a girl so this was nothing new to me. but i had never gone out dressed in the neighborhood before.
the day of the dance was here and my mothers friend came over with lots of cloths to pick from. they picked out a black dress that was very short. and it fit me like a glove.i put on pantyhose first and then a bra and then the dress. now they did my hair which was already long and my make up. then my nails in red and a pair of high heel boots, but when i bent over to pick something up the lady says that will never work, and we both said what. she said i will be right back. a few min. latter she came back with a pair of the sexiest red and black lace panties i have ever seen. put these on she said. O M G they were great. they were a string bikini panties that just covered my ***. now your ready they said and took me across the street to show me off. now my 2 best friends lived there and i did not want to go but they dragged me any way. NO ONE recognized me, not even the boys.
i walked the 2 blocks to the club and had sever Whistlers on the way. when i walked into the club a man hollered out hay Chuck your date is here. as i walked across the dance floor you could have heard a pin drop, every eye was on me and there tongs hanging out. My dad met me at the bar and said i looked beautiful and gave me a big hug. then kissed my, right on the mouth. i was shock at what he said and did, he never did that before. he never stopped me from dressing, but never approved of it ether, until now.
he told no one who i was and every one thought i was a girl, his date for the night. latter on that night he said this was fun, i was the daughter he never had and he loved seeing me this was. i was so happy that night.
after the dance was over he took me back into the lounge. this was for members only and i had never been back there before. there was another bar and a pool table and TV back there. i was sitting at the bar drinking a coca cola and trying to keep from showing my panties to every one. the dress was so short that when i sat down it road up to my crotch. my dad was playing pool and then handed me his stick and said you finish the game for me. so i did. on my first shot i bent over and the dress road up in the back and every one could see my red string panties, especially this one old drunk at the bar. he was getting so turned on looking at my *** he was going crazy.
another guy said let me show you how to make this shot. he bent me over the table and leans over me pressing his bulging pants into my *** and holding me there and then taking the shot. when he was done i looked at my dad and he was smiling.
about 1/2 hr. latter i was bending over with my back to the old drunk when it happened. he came off the bar stool and up behind me, and in one swift movement he pushed me down on the table, pulled down my panties and was trying to mount me right there in front of ever one. and just as fast there were about 6 men on him pulling him off of me and showing him the door. i then pulled up my panties as everybody said how sorry they were that he tried that and then my dad said i will take her home and we left. on the was home he said i wish you were a real girl because i love seeing you like this. you are a beautiful girl and i wish you were my daughter.
i will never forget that night as long as i live because it was the night my father excepted me as his daughter..
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What a great story



What a beautiful evening. I'll bet it is one you will never forget, I know I wouldn't have if it would have been me.

thank you, i think so

This is an amazing story. It sounds like your dad realy wanted a daughter in addition to his son andyou were able to give him one for the evening. It also sounds like he wanted you to know how men will treat a female, just so you would have a bit of experience. Lucky guy.