I Have 3 Times Now

i have had 3 profiles now one was dominant 212 then same as this one but it wouldn't let me log in so i made another one in same name not that any one cares i don't get MSG `s on hear i only have a profile coz the wife is on hear too i don't know what i should do my wife has an online dom and i would like one i just don't have the time to be on it as much as the wife does i don't have one of those chat bar things the wife does its unfair lol i have tried to be her dom but she says i don't do it right in i have tried having the wife as my dom i like both rolls but the sub side brings back too many memory s of my childhood as you can tell if you are reading this im not a very good at righting story's im not that bothered my wife has a dom but i feel like she is cheating purely by wanting another man to satisfy her i think i would enjoy having a mistress lets see how often im on and maybe just maybe i will find a nice one
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I truely hope it works for you guys, as I am married and love my wife.

I just have been around a while and know that just loving someone is often not enough. Read the book "The Red Queen" and maybe "The Selfish Gene" if you want to understand what I am saying (but not making accusations about your relationship.

and another thing not many online Doms order their sub to do things for their husbands so your lucky in that respect.

Hey man. I think your feelings of being cheated on are well founded. I think you need to look long and hard at wearther you want this relationship with her to work (and that is on a husband wife level, not even a D/s or BDSM level). If you give up your power and it is not in a mutual power excandge then what are you to her? The guy that pays the bills while some one is forfilling her emotionaly and possibly physically?

You may like the sub role. You may not like either and want a vailla role. All of that can be answered AFTER you ask weather you want to save your marriage. She needs a strong man, if it isnt you she will find it else where (already happening?). Se will lose respect for you and want to be pleased buy a man that she respects, emotionally and physically.

If she loses respect for you she will uncounciously want another mans child. If you are planning on children know that she will uncoscienciously be looking for a 'stronger' mans seed. All of this will be YOUR fault becasue now you know. YOU alone have the power to be the man you need to be.

For me **** BDSM, I love my wife. That comes before the games I want to play. If YOU are fine with that fall out then best of luck man...

Im not cheating , you told me to get an online Sir so i did, your making it out like its al me me me and it really isnt , im your wife and i love you and i always will making it out as though im cheating , thats just wrong , no its not all your fault i do like you to be my master and my husband but you say you never have the time too and you dont your always tired with working all the time , as for kids we already have 2 and i dont want anyother mans kids i have all my kids to the same man and thats how it will be . were 23 were married with 2 children , how often do you see young couples that are married with children ? very rare especially in England where nost moms are 12 and on benefits with no daddy around. Im lucky to have you and i respect you i will never loose respect what so ever for you. Your know that just cos i have an online Sir doesnt mean i dont love you . course i do. but i feel as though your getting the wrong end of the stick, YOU told me to do this..... so there for its not my fault , i asked you many of fimes about this situation and you say its ok over and over , Our marriage has never been better, we can go back to vanilla if you want to but dont blame me as your wife for been in a sexless marriage, this is why we decided to try this life style out . END of