I In The Hands Of My Wife

It was a serene morning .I got up early in the morning as I was
disturbed by a sound in the kitchen.As it was Friday , Jaya my wife
seemed had already woken up and was busy in the hall.I came out of
the bedroom and was thrilled to observe my beautiful wife preparing
for bath by applying turmeric paste to her feet, beautiful arms and
rosy cheeks.
It was the most pleasant scence and started stirring me. As I have
the CD fetish of liking women in traditional decoratons I started
enjoying the scene. To have a close look and surprise my sweet heart,
I stealthily reached her from other side and bend down to kiss her
seductive neck. But, she suddenly moved aside to rise. I lost balance
and hit the vessel with turmeric paste.
The turmeric paste fell on my foot.
` Oh God I shouted' moving my foot aside.
Excellent.Tried to cheat me no.Thats why it happened--melodiously
laughed my wife.
What is this Jaya? I wanted to grab your cheeks, which are looking
still beautiful with turmeric paste on them' I moaned.
`Its ok Dear.I am always yours. Let me remove this turmeric paste
from your foot. She said.
`Please ! I said acting false irritation on my face as I love
turmeric paste to be on my feet.
Jaya while trying to remove it from my foot said laughingly, `'
Anyhow It fell on your one foot no, let me apply it on another foot
also and for a change let us both celebrate Lakshmi Puja
(prayer to Goddess
Lakshmi) this friday.She was laughing.
`' You naughty, I protested with artificial annoyance.But, my JUNIOR
already started rising.
Jaya while removing the turmeric paste started smearing it my entire
foot and said `'How beautiful your feet are Darling.As such you have
ladies like delicate legs.Now with turmeric paste on them are looking
further beautiful `' she started teasing and applied turmeric paste
on my entire foot laughing romantically.
Thats all ! My JUNIOR rose to 180 degrees. now. I could not hide it
from Jayas exploring looks. She saw it.
`'What is this?'' She just caught hold of it and continued `' Hey!
what is this, Come on tell me.How come your became this much stiffer
and in high spirits.
Nothing Nothing I wanted to hide.
Is It !? OK Then I will apply turmeric paste to your another foot
also' She said looking slyly towards my JUNIOR.
It just bounced back.
Come on Praveen tell me what is this what is that link stirring you.
I never saw you like this with blushed face and so sexy. She asked.
No Jaya, I like women in traditional attire.Especially I love women
with turmeric paste.When the same was done to me myself I coundnt
control.I just love it.
Is It ? Now I got it why you are at your best on Fridays. Jaya
started teasing.
OK Then Let me play with you now with your favourite game.She hold my
rose **** firmly and took me to the bedroom.
She made me sit in a chair and said `'For some time you forget that
you are my husband.Now your are my Praveena and do as I say''
I tried to stop her and said no Jaya leave me now.
`'No way Praveena ,wait I shall bring your favourite turmeric for
you.'' She went inside and returned with her make up vessel with
turmeric powder in it.She started making paste of it by pouring water
in it.
`'Come on Darling your turmeric paste is ready. Let me decorate you
with this and later I will make u a complete woman of my
choice.Stretch your feet forwards I will apply it to your beautiful
feet officiallly now.
I protested it in a weak tone.
She tried to catch my feet and said `'No Darling Just sit on the
floor It would be more convenient for me.''
She made me sit on the floor and stretch my feet forwards.
She brought the vessel while smiling teasingly at me.
I felt really shy when my long desiring time came in reality.
`'Oh Dont be shy Praveena, my sweet heart U r still feminine in your
She started applying turmeric paste to my feet while laughing and
said `' Generally, we women adjust the sarees of women while applying
turmeric paste to their feet.Contrarily I am doing to you adjusting
ur pyjamas now.Dont worry next time I will do this after dressing you
in my saree. What Darling Shall I help you to wear my saree?'' asked
me laughing loudly.
I just couldnt control my sensations with my hungry JUNIOR.I just
dragged her to the bed and clouded her and after some emotional
onslaughts she stopped me and said
`'Hey Praveena wait. You are my wife now. You now, a woman with
turmeric and all cant ride me like this.Just come down and sleep like
a good girl I will ride you.She was so emotional that she became
pinkish and just fell on me and fought with me till she get her
******.It was a wonderful sex.I never had it like that before.
Jaya tired fell like a heap of jasmines smiling mischievously and
happily at me.
`'Wonderful Dear We never had this much of thrilling sex.Thanks to
your fetish'' Jaya said.
I started feeling little bit nervous and hesitan with the feeling of
unveiling myself to Jaya who said `'Hey Praveena, what are you
thinking Darling?Feeling sad for letting me know your secret?Isnt It?
Oh Come on Dear,What is wrong in having some Fantasies and enjoying
life accordingly.I dont relish monotonous life without having any
spice in it.I consider this as a spice of our life.OK.Get up now I
will complete the remaining Makeup to You and let us both have our
bath and Puja today.
No Jaya leave me now .It is over no? I said.
Nothing is over My Dear,It is just a beginning.She took turmeric
paste again and called me `'Comeon I will apply this to your
beautiful face''.
Oh No Jaya.It looks odd to me with this big moustache. I protested.
`'Ya Ya I know it.But dont feel about it I will shave it cleanly. I
will make this decoration to you more appropriate. She dragged me and
applied the turmeric paste to my cheeks laughing teasingly and
praising my feminine looks.
She brought a razor and said `'Come on Praveena let me complete my
second step in making you my woman.
`'Please Jaya not now Dear.Dont do this to me now.Let us have it
later. Leave me now `'I appealed.
What is this Praveen, you should be bold enough to taste
heaven. Anyhow I wont leave you now .You must obey me''my stubborn
wife didnt leave me.
Having no other go I just gave my face to her.
She applied foam on my moustache and put the razor on my face and
removed half of my moustache. Showing the mirror she started
laughing `' See you became half woman". She smilingly removed my
entire moustache.
My face in the mirror is glowing without moustache. Though I wanted to
remove it I couldn't dare.At last by the grace of my wife I lost my
My wife Jaya suddenly snatched my lungi (men’s casual wear) and asked me
to sleep for the shaving of my legs also. She started cleaning my
legs also with razor. She also removed hair on my hands. My **** again
started giving trouble to me. But Jaya immediately took it and kept it
in her and started swinging on me. She along with me got an immediate
******. We are at our peak enjoying our sex to our utmost satisfaction.
`'Come on Praveena let me apply turmeric paste on your moustache less
face once again. With your losing moustache it seems your male ego is
killed, I wanted to further subdue it by applying turmeric on it.So
that you would become a complete woman." Said Jaya.
She applied liberally turmeric paste on my face ,arms and legs.
"How cute you are Praveena looking like a bride in making. Come let
us have our bath. It is getting late for puja." Invited me.
"Its ok Jaya leave me now" I requested.
"No Darling I appeal you to surrender completely yourself to me.I
will decorate you like a woman today" She asked.
We together had bath. It was a wonderful experience for both of us to
be nude and bathing together. I have never expected Jaya to become
this much aggressive.
"It is time to dress. How lucky we are Praveena. Fortunately we both
are of same physique. So I can try all dresses on you hereafter
otherwise it would be of much difficulty. Tell me which saree you
would like to wear" Jaya asked.
I showed light pink saree which I tried to wear several times ,in
"Good choice. It would be fascinating Come on wear this petty coat
"Cant we dress without petty coat. Some how I don't like petty
coats"I requested.
"No way.You just want superficial beauties without internal
preparations required for it. You must wear the petty coat" Jaya
"I slid myself into Petty coat.
"Excellent from Lungi (mens casual wear)to Lunga (petty coat) Jaya
Amdist her provocative commentary she helped me wearing her bra,
blouse and her saree which just suited me excellently.
She took me to the dressing table. Marvellous ! I am more beautiful
than my wife. I was elated to see my self in my favourite attire.
Jaya put her big bindi on my forehead. She applied Kajal to my
eyes. She blackened eye brows. She wore bangles to my both hands. She
managed to fix flowers on my short hair by a clip.
We together performed Lakshmi Puja.
After Puja generally women seek deitys blessings by applying turmeric
paste on the feet of fellow women who visit puja. Similar treatment
was given to me by Jaya.
( Similarly Jaya invited me " Raave neeku kallaku pasupu poosthanu ."
I sat before her by stretching my feet.
"Abba entha chakkaga koorchundhi choodu adi dhani laga. Antoo naa
paadhalaki pasupu rasindhi Jaya
"Naaku pasupu rayave Praveena antoo naa chetha thana padalaki pasupu
rayinchukundhi" )
It was a pleasant Friday for me.We both had wonderful sex that entire

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Nov 27, 2012