What A Tediously Up Themselves Population Of F***wits...

Wow, where to start?
A country where if you don't have the latest games console or follow football, as a kid you are no good to anyone in the playground.
Politics - HA. Few years ago you could vote either tory or "new tory". People hated one guy with a colour for a name, just because he didn't do anything flashy and got cross sometimes - I'd get cross if I was working anywhere near the idiots at parliament let me tell you! So, then instead of voting for someone else with whose policies they agreed, they put someone who's killing off the disabled, selling the national health service to Richard Branson and co., and removing school fields and ruining our education system by introducing the "english baccalauriat". I can't spell that, and have left the country now so don't know its proper name.

People - as if the above wasn't enough, they also believe they have a right to a watertight house, no gas problems, electrics up to scratch, free heating, free water, etc. when they don't work. Food, new clothes, mobile phones. Granted because we're born in the UK. Really? REALLY? Nobody has a right to anything. We were born as humans. We have means to take things and give things. Unbelievable that people think they have a right to those things. Out here, people gather logs from all over, and erect them. Growing things or making crafts gets food and money, and eventually money for a tin roof. Everything they have they've earned. Genuinely - not earnt things and then chucked half of it cos "oops, it went off in the fridge".

Anyone care to add? ;)
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i live in liverpool in england, my whole family have got a job and pay taxes and pay for water tv gas electiricty my phone my clothes with their hard earned money they got from working, so dont be running your mouth talking about england that wy yeah probably SOME english do that but dont be aiming it at alllll english you ******* stupid kid

ok, but once they've paid for all that, do you feel poor? do your parents feel poor? if you read deeper into it, that is also implied: having all those things, and still feeling 'poor' is caused by the attitudes of the entire population, including yourself.

if you do not feel poor at the same time, congratulations you are a statistical anomoly.

Sorry I was a bit harsh there, not very supportive. I actually would like to hear more from you - but less with the judgmental, more with the real comments at the start. If England is actually not screwed, I would like to know what I've missed my whole life... If you can help me understand, as this site is all about, that would be appreciated.

Totally ******* agree my friend; this country is ******!

Thank God I'm not the only one... But I was looking for more reasons the country's up the sh***er - any additional thoughts?

@punnished - why? It would be nice to hear the other side of this debate, it's distinctly lacking in volume I feel...

Aha, I see. So, humbug at the generalised comment implying it's everyone... Yeah sorry for that, but it carries more weight that way and might just be more provoking to the other side (those who think they *do* have the right, and it *is* acceptable to just buy stuff and let it waste because they 'earnt' it. etc.

I agree whole-heartedly with you! Solidarity to those who fought for our country - and those who think differently to the above. Are we really the minority? Or are we really the 99%? ......

My point was slightly more subtle - are we the minority, or are we just portrayed that way by the media? Do we voice our views austensibly on the internet like this, whereas they have media giants in their back pockets? If I knew how to find out I'd have started by now...

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