What does it meen to be English? to me it is lots of things one of the greatest being pubs. not a gastro pub or a club or a swanky bar. im talking about the real pub, with the threat of violence, a place where there is always a 'get it guy' selling some dodgy things from underneath the table. the locals, lock ins, ignoring the smoking ban. This Is England

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The english pub is the best we have lots in kent

I live in Chester Cheshire, there lots of pubs here for a rather small city. Its annoying that England is the pub capital of the world and soon we wont be able to move for new cocktail bars. i was dragged to one not two weeks ago. they had no pumbs so i had a bottle of san miguel for the price of 2 pound 50! my local charges 1.32 a pint of real ale, with a much better atmosphere.