On Being English

I was born in England. My father was also born in England. My mom was born in Wales , and her family moved

to England  when she was four. We immigrated to America when I was ten. My brothers were five and one.

Tecnically I am half  Welsh. I really miss all of the family that we left behind.

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I can have any accent. Seriously, when I am in England, <br />
<br />
it is English. When I am in Wales I can do welsh. Its <br />
<br />
really funny but you get used to it. Mostly its southern<br />
<br />
because I now live in Texas!

Ohhh!! I LOVE the accent!! Too bad I can't hear you here on EP!! That's great that you've hooked up with someone in England here!!!<br />
We want to go to Ireland and England this summer, but who knows, maybe it won't work out until next year God willing. <br />
How lovely, so you have many different memories of your childhood in Europe, so cool. <br />

Thank you Lady Jayne. I am 'over the moon' to have an English friend on EP.<br />
Love Debby