I'm Only 1/2 English

I live in America, was born and raised here. But, my Great Grandfather Jones was born and raised in England. I found his birth certificate in my parents house, he was baptised in Stadforshirre (sp?). He was married, and had 3 children. John was his son, and he married, and had my Father. 

Great Grandfather was a chain maker, and sailed to the States back in 1882. He lived in Chicago at first, woeking to save money to bring my Grandmother and his children here.    Then, They moved to Trenton, NJ. That is where my Father was born.  My Father had 2 sisters, Anna and Lillian.

They then moved to New Jersey, and when my Father grew up, he married my Mother, Roberta.  Both of my parents are gone now, Mom passed 3 years ago, and Dad 7 years ago.  I took care of them, for the last 10 years of their lives, and miss them so much!  My Father was a State Trooper in NJ.

I'm sad that I didn't find out more about the relatives that I must have in England. I tried doing a search but the name Jones is so common, I didn't get very far.

Some day, I want to visit England, to see where my family began.

Thats it for now, it is late and I need to get some sleep.

LindarGFi LindarGFi
56-60, F
Mar 7, 2009