English Convict

My Ancestors were thrown out of england with the first fleet for stealing a couple hundred pounds worth of silver. I'm proud of my convict heritage and i personally commend my ancestor for sticking it up you english toffs. oh and he stole a piece of corn when he got to australia and was sent to prison for a month

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Actually, although people talkk about "convicts" being sent to Oz, many of them were only petty criminals, and did things which, today, would get them a small fine.<br />
BUT -- then we had that bloody great continent to populate, but, before we could do that, we had to have craftsmen to do the work.<br />
So, if you look at the records of those who were deported, most are carpenters, farm labourers, plumbers, bakers, shoemakers, etc, etc, etc.<br />
Then, when they had served their sentences (or a lot earlier if they agreed and stayed in Oz) and were the mainstay of those were built the Country

in addition to the cons we sent to ozz, we also sent the birch. it might be an idea if you had a taste of it across your bum, like i did at school, THEN maybe we could be mates?

alrighty...<br />
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it's all good man!

Oh good, we can now all go to Australia to steal things. They obviously won't mind. If you break into someone's house they'll just laugh and say 'Good on ya, we're proud of our convict heritage!'