Why worry when you can pray?

"Your Lord has said, "Pray to Me, and I will respond to you."
- Qur'an 40:60

There is no joy for someone who has no sorrow. There is no pleasure for the one who has no patience. No bliss for someone with no misery and no rest for the one with no fatigue.

When someone is a little tired, he has long rest. When he endures the difficulty of steadfastness for a time, that leads him to eternal life.

All that the people of eternal bliss are in is steadfastness for a time.

Put your utmost trust in God The Giver of life and seek for His guidance. Indeed, God is The Best Planner. The deeper you get in belief and knowledge, the more peaceful you become.

Dear Allah,
Sometimes it's hard for me to understand what You really want to happen. But I trust You. I know you will give me what's best.

May we all meet in Paradise one day.

PosterGirl PosterGirl
31-35, F
Aug 17, 2014